Falcons vs. Eagles | NFL Divisional Round Game Highlights

  • Published on:  1/13/2018
  • The Atlanta Falcons take on the Philadelphia Eagles during the Divisional Round of the 2017 NFL Postseason.

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  • Frost the fucking idiot

    Only a brick wall could stop you, its name is the Eagles.

  • Rohan Patel
    Rohan Patel yesterday


  • DaEagles71024
    DaEagles71024 4 days ago

    That’s black @11:45 set up that screen pass. Jason and Steve did a great job

  • Tommy L
    Tommy L 17 days ago

    I jumping and Cheering at juilio Jones play

  • Terrence Wright
    Terrence Wright 1 months ago

    Nice run block at 12 : 09

  • 1000 vids no subscribers

    4:02 Eagles should run that play again

  • kitdacraze phillyphilly
    kitdacraze phillyphilly 1 months ago+2

    Just like Thursday night

  • Tr Lisa
    Tr Lisa 1 months ago


    SAMUEL CHASE 1 months ago+5

    Is this 2018 or 2017? Deja vu

  • 1.3B • Views
    1.3B • Views 1 months ago+2

    Wow same game from today.

    BADASS AMERICAN 1 months ago+6

    I told y’all the Falcons was going to loss against the Eagles tonight

  • lil skiddils
    lil skiddils 1 months ago+2

    I just rewatched this game live same outcome

  • Got Ligma
    Got Ligma 1 months ago

    Aye Falcons fans come get yall team off our field AGAIN!! 💪🏾😂🔥

  • DynasticLilD3
    DynasticLilD3 1 months ago+1

    I never realized Falcons fans were just as delusional as Cowboys fans

    Kymon MCMILLIAN 1 months ago

    If the falcons catch that pick at the end of the first half the eagles don’t get a FG so the score would’ve been 12-10 when the falcons got to the redzone at the end they would’ve been able to just kick a short FG to win

  • Zuri Quiroz
    Zuri Quiroz 1 months ago

    gana Atlanta fanlcos

  • Anthony Gaskins
    Anthony Gaskins 1 months ago

    Who’s here reminiscing before the game on Thursday 😂😂😂😂

  • LCapitan Cromartie
    LCapitan Cromartie 1 months ago

    Came back here just to say #REVENGE tomorrow in the worst way! Y'all got away with SO many holds, but truth be told we blew that game ourselves.(Play calling) but new Season, new game! #Buckleupforthisstorm#FALCONSNATION

  • Ice Predator 24
    Ice Predator 24 1 months ago+1

    Jones can’t catch.

  • rob benjamin
    rob benjamin 1 months ago

    September 6 2018, week 1. The streak continues, believe that!!