• Published on:  1/12/2018
  • Paying more people to speak to me!
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  • Bryant Price
    Bryant Price an hour ago

    Your little brother sounds weird

  • Wyntr Lake
    Wyntr Lake yesterday

    Rebecca probably declined because of all the shit she went through on the internet when she put out Friday. He essentially requested her to bully him and I respect her for declining.

  • Diego Del rey
    Diego Del rey  9 days ago+1

    Rebecca sucks.

  • Wolfie Ally
    Wolfie Ally 23 days ago+1

    You should make a cameo!

  • Evi Kaczmarek
    Evi Kaczmarek 23 days ago+2

    You should join cameo!!!! ❤️

  • Julie gbl
    Julie gbl 27 days ago

    Lucas said like omg rebecca Black or something and if i ever found Lucas on this Website i would Be like ohh my fckn gosh he s like one of my childhood fav Actors

  • slimeyroses
    slimeyroses 29 days ago+1

    How dare Rebecca and David not reply. Dis👏res👏pect👏ful

  • Ali Blazic
    Ali Blazic 29 days ago+1

    By a Camio from Shawn Mendez

  • Lucas Pigliavento
    Lucas Pigliavento a months ago

    Damn Rebecca is so rude

  • marleinxs
    marleinxs 1 months ago

    We need another one of these

  • Bruhitz Callie
    Bruhitz Callie 1 months ago

    I can’t I just died omg Jacob omg “he add half of that”

  • Izzy 6677
    Izzy 6677 1 months ago

    The funny thing is that I actually have an aunt Janet

  • Super Watermelon
    Super Watermelon 1 months ago

    Is Lucas Gay? (I don’t wanna sound mean)

  • lady bubs
    lady bubs 1 months ago+1

    2:06 guava juice is there
    Like if you notice

  • Susana Lopez
    Susana Lopez 1 months ago

    Isnt he from fred

  • Eahlay Avendayortpay
    Eahlay Avendayortpay 1 months ago

    Lucas looks hot in that jacket 😍😍😍😍

  • Janet Reid
    Janet Reid 1 months ago

    :( I'm sorry Lucas

  • Samara Strickler
    Samara Strickler 1 months ago

    What’s that intro song

  • Adrian Bell
    Adrian Bell 1 months ago


  • My life as Ash
    My life as Ash 1 months ago

    Lucas are you Fred from the movies Fred Fred 2 and Fred 3 camp cool kids ???