Black Trump voter: I still support the President

  • Published on:  7/17/2019
  • Pennsylvania voters react to President Donald Trump's racist tweets directed at four Democratic congresswomen. #CNN#News


  • zombie8me
    zombie8me 1 months ago+1477

    Why not refer to him by his name rather then "black Trump voter"?? This is all about race.

  • Jalan Johnson
    Jalan Johnson 28 days ago+93

    “You’re a young black dude with tattoos, why do you vote for trump?” But the rights racist lol i would’ve just walked out on him 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • killersushi99
    killersushi99 21 days ago+92

    I like how Van Jones straight up stereotypes the black Trump voter.

  • De Villiers du Plessis
    De Villiers du Plessis 21 days ago+174

    Cut him off while he's talking, dishonest editing, as expected.

  • Jr Gambich
    Jr Gambich 14 days ago+49

    Keep concentrating on Race and not economy, if you keep looking on race then Trump 2020 will be real

  • Dnb
    Dnb 21 days ago+96

    Imagine the headlines if Tucker Carlson said " you're a clean cut white guy so why you wanna vote for Obama "

  • smart one
    smart one 14 days ago+54

    Thank you CNN for reminding me why I love Trump and why I talk to people about voting for Trump.
    Your racism and race baiting is disgusting and is catching up to you.

  • David Stampo
    David Stampo 14 days ago+63

    Let’s address the elephant in the room, you’re a young black man that doesn’t think the way we want you to!!??!! How dare you!!

  • Chris Rowen
    Chris Rowen 14 days ago+27

    Fake News CNN SUCKS! Everyone knows this.

  • Jon Feil
    Jon Feil 1 months ago+659

    "You're a young black dude with tattoos, why you voting for tRuMp?!?" How is that not racial profiling???

  • It is Finished
    It is Finished 21 days ago+21

    Black brothers and sisters do not let CNN think for you. They are always race baiting and they want you to be puppets and they will pull your string.

  • Catherine3385
    Catherine3385 7 days ago+12

    Strong black man right there

  • whatiwasgoingtosay
    whatiwasgoingtosay 28 days ago+34

    That young guy: “Fuck you guys, I got mine.” How courageous.

  • Jay Sosaaa
    Jay Sosaaa 5 days ago+4

    yall literally asked this dude because of his race, so you treated him differently because of his race. lol its that racism 101?

  • Cameron Lee
    Cameron Lee 5 days ago+4

    CNN shut the hell up plenty of blacks support trump. The only parts yall care about is his flaws.

  • elvis chidozie
    elvis chidozie 21 days ago+8

    Came for the comments. They certainly didn’t disappoint..

  • Michael B
    Michael B 21 days ago+23

    I might be wrong but it seems to me as though the black trump voter was placed there as a setup. I don't think anyone who supports trump would say he's an anti-Semite lol. Plus it seems strange that he admits to choosing money over his values …. seems to be an attempt by CNN to portray black trump voters as having no values.

  • Deon Van der Westhuizen

    Trump supporters hold Baltimore clean-up.

  • Philipp Müller
    Philipp Müller 21 days ago+30

    Funny how it’s actually the leftists who make everything a race thing. Every race can vote whatever they want. Bc I support equality.

  • Satan’s Spawn
    Satan’s Spawn 28 days ago+13

    Remember when George Washington warned people in the 1700s to avoid political parties