Training My Roomate To Walk Quietly

  • Published on:  7/18/2019
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  • Shaun Jeroski
    Shaun Jeroski 1 months ago+2229

    Let's get this video poppin' so the ex-sponsor feels real bad

  • Peter Lindh
    Peter Lindh 28 days ago+2047

    2 years ago: My house burnt down :(
    Now: EleCTrIC CaRPeT

  • Alboe 6815
    Alboe 6815 21 days ago+1019

    “I’m gonna touch it”
    Touches it and it hurts
    surprised pikachu face

  • Lancelot F
    Lancelot F 28 days ago+648

    2017: My house burned down
    2019: putting an electric carpet in my house
    next: my house burned again

  • Madness Theory
    Madness Theory 21 days ago+835

    "I need an electric fence for like a big hairless dog."
    Def makes you sound like you are torturing people.

  • Vimpy
    Vimpy 1 months ago+2313

    I hope this video gets millions of views and the sponsors get hard regrets

  • dF ZepTro
    dF ZepTro 14 days ago+211

    “But they didn’t like the video”
    3.2 Million views
    Sponsors :/

  • George Costarica
    George Costarica 28 days ago+436

    Is the skeleton on your bed ethically sourced?

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 7 days ago+91

    "Do you have an idea how much this would hurt a human? "
    Still not sure why she didn’t call the police right there.

  • Logan Chiang
    Logan Chiang 21 days ago+161

    That’s all you need to understand this seesaw relationship between two slightly disturbed geniuses.

  • FlyTitan
    FlyTitan 1 months ago+2153

    Who else thought this was one of Michael’s videos lol

  • Cave Smurf
    Cave Smurf 14 days ago+116

    "There might be some parts of this video that don't really make a lot of cents."
    That's how I heard it.

  • Artichokehold
    Artichokehold 7 days ago+16

    Its gonna be a lot quieter with Michael screaming at 3 AM.

  • The Meme Project
    The Meme Project 7 days ago+31

    The original sponsor must feel bad, now that William is sponsored by THE US NAVY

  • Zoie Stilwell
    Zoie Stilwell 14 days ago+61

    William: hey michael. Hey michael. Hey michael
    Michael :*chuckles
    William : * touches electric pulses.
    sees into the future

  • 3_Pancakes
    3_Pancakes 1 months ago+1731

    Now William has to deal with Michael stomping AND screaming.

  • Mr. Redsnake
    Mr. Redsnake 21 days ago+78

    Fire Marshall has entered the chat
    OSHA has entered the chat
    Multiple people are typing

  • Ghoulish Gamer
    Ghoulish Gamer 14 days ago+44

    Electric fences aren't too bad. I accidentally touched my forehead to one when i was like 16. Felt like i headbutted a brick wall.

  • Zoë X
    Zoë X 14 days ago+45

    "you're micheal reeves"
    instantly bends back over to be shorter

  • Micro Lobbies
    Micro Lobbies 21 days ago+30

    William: I need an electric fence
    Guy: Yeah?
    William: for a Big Hairless dog