Five Guys. One Baby.

  • Published on:  12/28/2018
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  • It's Alex Clark
    It's Alex Clark  7 months ago+2278

    We just added two more shows in Orlando and Chicago - also working on adding a show in Wakanda...

  • not sans
    not sans 7 months ago+1519

    Who else thought Pam was Pregnant

  • RedDragoon24
    RedDragoon24 6 months ago+998

    How you know alex and pam are made for each other.
    Girl : im pregnant.
    pam : He can sub to alex
    girl : with twins
    alex : oh good, one to sub,the other to like.
    OMG STOP ;D ;D

  • One Sour Lemon
    One Sour Lemon 3 months ago+170

    When she said "twins", I remembered the title said "One baby" and I was like, OMG DID A BABY DIE?!

  • Simon Bachmeier
    Simon Bachmeier 5 months ago+297

    Why is he just able to go to five Guys five times?

  • jairus barnard
    jairus barnard 2 months ago+32

    It should have been five guys, one twins.

  • FroyoHead Animation
    FroyoHead Animation 7 months ago+739

    When I can't afford Five Guys, I watch two episodes of Two and a Half Men

  • miguel lopez
    miguel lopez 6 months ago+61

    Where is the third one to click the notification

  • Madelene Salazar
    Madelene Salazar 6 months ago+108

    Five Guys..The Best Place!
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    GEMSTONE JRHD 5 months ago+91

    Aww We didn't get to see a picture of the babies T_T

  • Red Studios
    Red Studios 3 months ago+26

    Alex I cannot wait for
    Chess boxing hope u win =)

  • KingOfTheTundra
    KingOfTheTundra 5 months ago+32

    According to, Bryson it’s actually Give Fuys

  • very cringy this is wow
    very cringy this is wow 5 months ago+55

    Did anyone think when seeing this video thought that Alex was gonna be a dad

  • Kimberly Mosqueda
    Kimberly Mosqueda 7 months ago+231

    I’ve never been to five guys

  • Zoe Russell
    Zoe Russell 5 months ago+72

    "What more could you want in your life?" Me: "A million dollars."

  • Penedo 26
    Penedo 26 7 months ago+501

    One Alex Clark, one excellent video

  • Hayvyn Smith
    Hayvyn Smith 5 months ago+17

    Stan lee subtle cameo ? Never heard of it.
    Alex’s subtle self promo ? Now that’s golden😂💀

  • :Dillon Wingull
    :Dillon Wingull 3 months ago+8

    You already used 3/5
    After age 38 you'll never be able to go again.

  • lumos ghost
    lumos ghost 5 months ago+5

    I went to 5 guys one time in my life and it was the worst dining experience I'd ever had... That happened close to 9 years ago and I have refused to go back ever since. Truly traumatizing.

  • SaraSong2653
    SaraSong2653 21 days ago+8

    im a wizzard harry
    i dont even like harry potter lol