MOMOLAND(모모랜드) - "BAAM" Moving Dance Practice

  • Published on:  7/11/2018
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  • TWICE lovers
    TWICE lovers a years ago+4698

    JOOE so preety !!!!!

  • Juliana Madirga
    Juliana Madirga 4 days ago+12

    Momoland is Austyn Villanueva's favorite girl group from K-pop

  • love you hooman
    love you hooman 16 hours ago+1

    Im not a fan, but that girl with a green hair is SO GOOD THO

  • PianoArtist Playz
    PianoArtist Playz 7 hours ago+1

    When a dance practice has almost as much views as the mv

  • Manipur boys
    Manipur boys yesterday

    Best kpop group.. And ur dance too.. Love from India 💓

  • Khent Tado
    Khent Tado 21 days ago+288

    who's Still watching this in August 2019 ?.

  • mogu mochi
    mogu mochi 1 months ago+107

    Their outfits:
    Nancy - Quick trip to the mall
    Jooe - Girls night out
    Jane - Girlfriend date outfit
    Hyebin - Quick jog
    Yeonwoo - Cute weekend outfit
    Ahin - Going to a bar outfit
    Daisy - Popular High School Girl
    Nayun - Causal mon - fri look
    Taeha - In a rush outfit

  • Wiolli
    Wiolli yesterday

    I don’t even like Koop lol but this is a good song ngl

  • Thy thy Nguyễn
    Thy thy Nguyễn 21 days ago+152

    I love you bts ❤❤ army
    I love you blackpink ❤❤ blink
    I love you momoland ❤❤merry
    I love you twice ❤❤ once

  • Kimi Ya
    Kimi Ya 10 months ago+344

    for new merries (momoland stans):
    1. 0:02 center: nancy (short green hair)
    2. 0:12 center: JooE (long pink hair)
    3. 0:25 center: daisy (long straight dark purpley hair)
    4. 0:35 center: hyebin (very short hair + baseball cap on)
    5. 0:50 center: taeha (hair in ponytail)
    6. 0:55 center: yeonwoo (long straight black hair)
    7. 1:05 center: jane (long straight fawn colored hair)
    8. 2:42 center: nayun (medium length brown-black hair)
    9. ahin (poor girl she never got a close up but shes got the short straight hair with bangs, open shouldered long sleeved reddish shirt with black shorts)
    hope this helps! :)

  • Thy thy Nguyễn
    Thy thy Nguyễn 1 months ago+123

    I love you bts : army
    I love you blackpink : blink
    I love you momoland : merry

  • Erwin Art1991
    Erwin Art1991 15 hours ago

    My idol Nancy, so beautiful..

  • Sharon Maravillas
    Sharon Maravillas 5 days ago+2

    ok my family was addicted by this music,and they were also giving this as a parties!

  • renksiz kedi
    renksiz kedi 1 months ago+44

    Why dance practice has 6M less than the offical Mv? Its like nightcore of angel with a shotgun lol

  • Zhai MBg
    Zhai MBg a years ago+264

    jane is just wearing a white shirt and jeans but she's still sO ETHEREAL??? HOW??

  • Glaucio Ribeiro
    Glaucio Ribeiro yesterday+1

    They're so talented..This coreography is hard but they do it smoothly and perfectly synchronized, besides the song remains so catchy!!..I bet even the haters ever yelled "BANG" at the top of their lungs!!

  • I'm Spectator
    I'm Spectator 2 months ago+181

    Baam MV 161M
    Baam Dance Video 155M
    6M views more

  • baby shark
    baby shark 2 days ago+1

    i love ahin shes sooooo cute

  • Lai Chie
    Lai Chie 4 days ago+1

    Still hook .... how they .... ugh!!!!!! 🤟🏻😍😍😍😍😍😍🤟🏻

  • Jana Privado
    Jana Privado a years ago+80

    i love the pink hair on jooe
    for real 😍😍😍💖