Candidate gives powerful answer to ‘so-called white privilege’ question

  • Published on:  7/13/2019
  • 2020 Democratic hopeful Kirsten Gillibrand gave a passionate answer about white privilege following a question asked by a white woman at a town hall in Youngstown, Ohio. #CNN#News


  • Farmer Bill
    Farmer Bill 1 months ago+438

    That just might be the first time I have seen a politician answer a question. With an answer that relates to the question.

  • Randy H
    Randy H 1 months ago+401

    I’ve been pretty cynical about Senator Gillibrand’s candidacy, but DAMN that was good. She could not have answered that better.

  • A. Osman
    A. Osman 1 months ago+449

    I never cared about Kristen Gillibrand, but she answered it perfectly on this question.

  • BlackBullRising
    BlackBullRising 1 months ago+89

    She could've silenced them on the "opioid" crisis. When it was the crack epidemic user and dealers were both jailed and sentenced the same. The GOP said it was a matter of personal responsibility. Now that opioids are doing the same thing to white communities now its a public health crisis and users require treatment and not jail sentences.

  • JWalker
    JWalker 1 months ago+38

    White Privilege = Opiod Crisis Response Act for opiod epidemic vs Crime Bill of 1994 for crack epidemic.

  • MaxMisterC
    MaxMisterC 1 months ago+37

    You know that that questioner went away pissed, right?
    Because they "Don't see colour!".....

    NANA AARON 1 months ago+128

    Now that is how you answer a delicate question as this, honest pay almost all the time. I believed majority of the audience were white

  • Black Mamba
    Black Mamba 1 months ago+102

    This was actually a very impressive answer from her that I didnt expect

  • Checkers Lane
    Checkers Lane 1 months ago+132

    OMG!!!! This is the BEST ANSWER to that question that I have ever heard!!!!!

  • Tiffany Flowers
    Tiffany Flowers 1 months ago+52

    Her teamed has trained her well. Answer was right on!

  • Chioma A
    Chioma A 1 months ago+35

    It is so important that this came from a white candidate. Making this more equal should never take away from the other side!

  • Din
    Din 1 months ago+62

    I liked her the moment I first heard her speak on Rachel Maddow. Very smart lady with her heart in the right place. She won't get the nomination but she definitely stood out to me.

  • chrislaustin
    chrislaustin 1 months ago+68

    Damn, who's this lady? She just appeared on my radar for not answering a question with another question, and telling the truth from a compassionate point of view.

  • Iihopperfortie r
    Iihopperfortie r 1 months ago+37

    Damn!!!!! Powerful, she included everyone without down playing thier struggles.

  • Boss T
    Boss T 1 months ago+16

    🙏🏽 Amen I hope all Caucasians heard and understand this woman’s answer. But that may be asking a lot.🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Chocolate Silk’s World
    Chocolate Silk’s World 21 days ago+13

    Senator Gillibrand good job, I applaud your efforts to understanding

  • Adrian P
    Adrian P 1 months ago+486

    This goes to show when someone wants to understand they can actually get it.

  • Radwulf Eboraci
    Radwulf Eboraci 1 months ago+46

    The sad thing is she has to explain this.

  • Florence deBear
    Florence deBear 1 months ago+18

    That was leadership. Thank you Kirsten Gillibrand for addressing her question with knowledge, compassion and respect.

  • MarcusTv
    MarcusTv 1 months ago+55

    At least say her name in the video. Loved this response. Gillibrand definitely has my attention now