Biden and Harris will meet again on the debate stage

  • Published on:  7/18/2019
  • #CNN#News Democratic presidential candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will square off once again in CNN's second round Democratic primary debate, after their first confrontation led to an explosive moment for Harris.


  • Thatguys Son
    Thatguys Son 1 months ago+156

    I wonder of there will be english subtitles.

  • Jag City
    Jag City 1 months ago+165

    CNN kills me putting 8 people at a desk who all completely and wholeheartedly agree with each other on every single aspect of everything they talk about. CNN has become a complete joke

  • Matteo C
    Matteo C 1 months ago+16

    You guys are doing a great job of getting Trump reelected. Keep it up!

  • tim moss
    tim moss 1 months ago+67

    CNN is SHYT. setting up debates like boxing matches. disgusting. #bernie2020

  • O. C.
    O. C. 1 months ago+18

    “Sanders is struggling he’s in the teens” Fact: Bernie is in second place

  • Gel Pen
    Gel Pen 1 months ago+150

    Joe “nothing will fundamentally change” Biden

  • m. jackson
    m. jackson 1 months ago+8

    Low rated CNN exploits the term racist and racism, yet they fired Black news journalist Roland Martin, TJ Holmes, and Soledad O'Brien and her show Blacks in America, and why is Van Jones the only Black on this panel of eight.

  • Jay Hiryu
    Jay Hiryu 1 months ago+27

    Tulsi and DeBlasio are going to Hammer Biden and Kamala.
    Beto and Pete are going to hang themselves.
    Bernie and Elizabeth are going to take turns making everyone on stage look dumb.
    Wild Card: Marianne Williamson

  • Michael Pham
    Michael Pham 1 months ago+89

    Yang is polling at 2% and has over 130k unique voters so he will make it to the September's debates.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 1 months ago+68

    Harris will pull the race card on Tulsi Gabbard

  • Ilia Harkins
    Ilia Harkins 1 months ago+185

    It's like a bad reality show. Ugh.

  • Josch Edgington
    Josch Edgington 1 months ago+23

    Kamala's family was one of the most prominent slave holders in Jamaica had many black and Irish slaves. She better icksnay the racist train with Biden this time.

  • Logan Hester
    Logan Hester 1 months ago+124

    forget Kamala, Gabbard is going to rip Joe Biden to shreds

  • John White
    John White 1 months ago+7

    Lol sorry what a joke who has poor old Joe Biden impress? Even democrats have turn there backs on old Joe.

  • Zant
    Zant 1 months ago+13

    "Whatever you do, don't put Bernie and Biden on the same debate stage, dear god"

  • imperial times
    imperial times 1 months ago+33

    Give Bernie his due coverage CNN and stop pushing these centrist candidates in some kind of "mock competition" of who can recite the vaguest platitude

  • Starboy 1902
    Starboy 1902 1 months ago+8

    “Trump has a small pence”
    - CNN

  • Awoken Minds
    Awoken Minds 1 months ago+32

    Yang has his 130,000 donations, and one of 4 poll qualifications. We good in September

  • Kyuss Qotsa
    Kyuss Qotsa 1 months ago+24

    Look at the like to dislike ratio on this video. Did the paid CNN trolls go on strike? Doesn't matter, more people watched reruns of Spongebob than this live on CNN. Ever wonder what a dumpster on fire looks like? Here you go.........enjoy.

  • Audio Sane
    Audio Sane 1 months ago+10

    LOL. Yes, John King, Bernie is "struggling" in the top tier of a 20+ person race over 6 months away from the first primary vote. Keep up the excellent political analysis.