My asthmatic kitty cat getting his meds

  • Published on:  1/13/2018
  • My cat has pretty bad asthma, so we have to give him an inhaler twice a day. He's grown to not mind it, it seems. That's purring, not wheezing!(For licensing or usage, contact


  • BaconLegs 1 years ago

    Didn't expect this to trend! Neat. If anyone has any questions about feline asthma, or Pretzel, feel free to ask! Also please stop telling me to kill my cat. Thanks!

  • Bootie Cheerios 1 years ago


  • BaconLegs 1 years ago

    wigges worf Nope, I just went to my regular vet. They should be able to take x-rays and blood work and tell you whether or not he has asthma.

  • The Dodo 1 years ago

    Pretzel is perfect! Thanks for being such a loving and patient cat mom. ❤️

  • Skelecat 1 years ago

    I didn’t even know cats could get asthma- I’m glad he has someone to care for him though.

  • Amy Mendez 1 years ago

    Crappy content yea, dogs too

  • Thank you pewdiepie 1 years ago

    Amy Mendez they can get cancer?

  • Flaire Arizona 1 years ago

    Thank you for not abandoning your pet because of its health issues. The world needs more owners like you.

  • Animal Anger 1 years ago


  • Alex Jones 1 years ago

    Preppy Uranus 100% they are the rule not that it makes it any less good that they are helping their cat just the only media reports are this type of thing would be owners abandoning their pets so it kinda skews perception

  • Bibi 1 years ago

    this makes me really happy to see trending because not many people realize our lil fur babies can have asthma. my kitty has asthma and i’m so glad that there’s little things like this to help them out

  • Joshua Benuto 1 years ago

    Bibi Fur babies is the single most retarded term I have ever heard.

  • With or Without Fur 1 years ago

    My cat has asthma and uses that inhaler every day now for 4 years. She’s doing great! Glad to see other kitties getting treatment for their asthma!

  • Cheerful chibi 1 years ago

    Amazing I love seeing you being so patient and caring with him. Ignore all the Frickin idiots telling you to put him down. I totally understand the bond and it very much surpasses health needs. Pretzels purr clearly shows he loves you. Keep it up I subbed~♡

  • Cheerful chibi 1 years ago

    gonzostwin1 I understand where you're coming from but if the cats not in pain then keep him alive. And he's not in pain because he's being treated

  • Shutdown Corner 1 years ago

    Cats purr because of pain or comfort. Who knows which in this case.

  • You are such a good cat parent! 🐺

  • Otto Bauch 1 years ago

    Jericho & Thunder The 2 Gray Cats the cat should be put out of its misery.

  • A Shady Cat 1 years ago

    Hats off to the account owner for putting up with all the idiots in the comment section.

  • A Shady Cat 1 years ago

    BaconLegs What you’re doing is amazing, thanks for sharing with us!

  • BaconLegs 1 years ago

    Just trying to educate!

  • Ziggy Stardust 1 years ago

    what a good kitty <3 ignore all the thick-skulled people in the comments who don’t think it’s worth it, they’ve clearly never loved a pet before.

  • Animal Anger 1 years ago


  • The Rogue Admiral 1 years ago

    TommyTom but of course. But most of the popular breeds do.