Kevin Gates Interview at The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 (01/27/2016)

  • Published on:  1/27/2016
  • Kevin Gates clears up the incident in which he kicked a woman, discusses his crazy instagram videos, his new album and much more.Click Here To Subscribe! ► The Breakfast Club's Best Interviews ► Breakfast Club Official Website ► #BreakfastClub


  • matubaM
    matubaM 3 years ago+1957

    Someone: Yo Kev, what it do bruh, how you doing?
    Kevin Gates: Well how you ask that question was unintelligent. Big brother you gotta express yourself in an intelligent manner because I'm an intelligent brother. These are the essence of our communities and that will help with growth. Our kids, our seeds need to know these qualities about ourselves. To the world I may appear as a thug and an unintelligent brother, but that's what I expect; as long I know I'm an intelligent brother. Your conduct as a man will determine how far you go in life, you will make mistakes but how you react and what you learn from them is what makes up your character. I can't allow someone to disrespect me and not teach them how to conduct themselves. At the end of the day we all learn from each other daily and that's what will allow us to grow as a human race. These are the qualities that I pass on to my kids, and I believe that we need these sort of behavioural conducts that will spread the positive energy. The most intelligent people you'll ever meet never went to college, some of them are wearing orange jumpsuits and are locked up in cages. Now me I'm careful how I conduct myself as a good student of intelligence, I'm loyal to my intelligence as a grown man. My wife knows that. We need to pass on these jewels to the kids, the seeds because the knowledge we have is loaned to us, it's not ours to keep, we gotta conserve the jewels and that's how we keep our sanity as a community.

  • B Levels
    B Levels 3 years ago+362

    Charlemagne tries so hard to get a reaction out of people 😂

  • Johnny Dangerous
    Johnny Dangerous 2 years ago+665

    gates: "i aint kick her in the chest"
    breakfast club: shows video of him kicking her in chest

  • BRAVO2I4
    BRAVO2I4 3 years ago+390

    Gates is smart man. A smart man can play dumb but a dumb man can't play smart. He knows his market and he panders to it. Can't knock the hustle.

  • DatGhostDough
    DatGhostDough 3 years ago+468

    Y'all saying he's stupid. Most of you don't even know this man has a degree in psychology. xD

  • Yu Oh
    Yu Oh 2 years ago+275

    we going platinum

  • MrPistolPone
    MrPistolPone 3 years ago+948

    he look like he sell bootleg bibles

  • Ramsin
    Ramsin 3 years ago+97

    He looks, acts, and talks like a hood muhammad ali

  • Ricardo Sosa
    Ricardo Sosa 3 years ago+592

    Says he doesn't get in his feelings........Dropped a song called in my feelings💀

  • AXD 004
    AXD 004 3 years ago+792

    "Negativity is a theif that steels happiness" danm that's deep💯

  • Terrell Conley
    Terrell Conley 3 years ago+74

    I have mad respect for this dude. This a grown man talking.

  • Mason OnTheBeat
    Mason OnTheBeat 3 years ago+164

    Man Kevin write a book. I'll buy 1,000 copies

  • Christian Santos
    Christian Santos 2 years ago+88

    "If anyone is that beneficial in someone's life, once they leave out of the picture, then why didn't everything stop?" - Quote of the year #FreeGates 💯

  • Darryl Mayes
    Darryl Mayes 2 years ago+36

    Why is everyone saying he's dumb lol I've listened and I agree with almost everything he's saying and he's making some valid points .. I respect him a little more after this interview

  • fearofsaturn
    fearofsaturn 3 years ago+350

    Kevin Gates is the black, real life version of Trevor Phillips. Dude is absolutely insane but very smart at the same time. I don't even listen to his music but I watch every interview.

  • Matome Mahapa
    Matome Mahapa 2 years ago+166

    Kevin is a G. so respectful

  • layla golden
    layla golden 2 years ago+362

    I really respect him a lot ,,he talks deep ,I enjoyed this interview 💯

  • od
    od 2 years ago+227

    breakfastclub 101:
    - say "word"
    - say "absolutely"
    - charlamagne trolling

  • Lee Cartel
    Lee Cartel 2 years ago+74

    Kevin gates is the best kind of person to be around

  • Roman
    Roman 3 years ago+104

    "I don't wanna do this thing called life without you".
    Bruh, I'm gonna say this when I propose to the good woman good sends my way.
    Simple yet deep.