PRINCESS DANCE BATTLE! Belle vs Elsa! // (Full Frame + New Song)

  • Published on:  1/6/2018
  • Add the song to your fav playlist! ► Rx Skincare for clear skin at DERMACARE.COM™ Get started FREE using code “DANCE” ► are my NEW SONGS! Add them!WATCH ME FALL ► WEEKEND ► ► ► MOST POPULAR VIDS! ► HILARIOUS MAKING OF!► MOST IMPORTANT LINKS FOREVERYTHING SCOTTDW RELATED...1. INSTAGRAM► @ScottDW ► OFFICIAL SDW WEBSITE►► Merch, Auditions, EVERYTHING3. 2ND CHANNEL►► What makes ScottDW!?4. LET'S CREATE TOGETHER► contact (at) scottdw.comEnde///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Full CreditsWritten/Directed/Shot by Scott WinnProduced by Andrew Mecham & Scott WinnChoreographed by Jason CelayaBelle - Jade ChynowethElsa - Alex ClarkAnna - Haylee RoderickKristoff - Jason CelayaGaston - Derek PuebloLaFou - Christian BusathMusic Written by Drew Alexander & Scott WinnMusic Produced, Mixed, Mastered by Scott WinnAdd't'l drums performed by Phil JohnstonAll my music is free to use in your YouTube videos, so long as you provide proper credit and links to download the song!///////////////////////////////////////////WHO'S SCOTTDW?!► What’s up! I’m ScottDW and I’m a filmmaker, songwriter, and friend to all! I have a wide variety of content for you to enjoy, but my work is centered around vibrant, cinematic storytelling, intertwined with original music and wacky comedy. I love to create quirky characters, memorable situations, and a cinematic experience that leaves an impact! Please stick around and watch a video or two and decide for yourself if you enjoy the adventure! I hope to be your new BFF!Forever & Always, Scott David Winn///////////////////////////////////////////SEND ME SOME LOVE!► Send me something, I’ll put it in a vid!ScottDWPO Box 34Orem, UT 84059LET’S COLLAB!► contact(at)scottdw.comLICENSING & PERFORMANCE REQUESTS!► contact(at) and music copyright belong solely to Scott Winn, LLC. Any reproduction, re-edit, re-upload in any manner without explicit permission is prohibited and will be responded to with strict, immediate action. Re-uploaded video or portions of video will be taken down immediately. For permission to use this video in any way at all, please contact Heather at contact(at)©Scott Winn, LLC©Scott Winn Music