Is this Rock a Diamond?

  • Published on:  1/12/2018
  • I bought a cheap diamond off ebay and I test to see if it really is one. water jet cutting diamond: me make videos by donating here: me on Facebook:


  • jan409 1 years ago

    buys diamond on ebay - doesn't get scammed.

  • Arligii Udgoonka 1 months ago

    @kurtilein3 thanx for the information.

  • @alex rentz okay this is probably the best proof for the existance of a god 😂

  • MiYo 1 years ago

    Next video - "I Made a Real Diamond Play Button"

  • superfrumper 8 months ago

    @Boozab99 not if he made the play button tiny :^)

  • R/woooooosh

  • DDDestructo 1 years ago

    I thought the ruby was a jolly rancher

  • ꧁VoodooDoll꧂ 5 months ago

    SO DID I

  • J P 7 months ago

    Reddit story time?

  • Long Dick Johnson 1 years ago

    if it looks like a diamond, smells like a diamond, and tastes like a diamond, it's probably a diamond.

  • yaksher  1 years ago

    Long Dick Johnson He was talking to me... also, I got the joke. I'm not stupid.

  • Long Dick Johnson 1 years ago

    I'm not from Haiti.

  • Mustafa Supas 1 years ago

    This rock is a diamond in the making Cody... You don't have to bring it down so much...

  • Buske 5 months ago

    @Plate Come on, he's only 4 billion years old, give him some time.

  • Plate 1 years ago

    Ninjor4 he should get a job

  • eivilcow 1 years ago

    You forgot the most important test: Having the curly hair guy lick it

  • Vape God 5 months ago


  • LNeri 5 months ago

    i have curly hair and lick stones too.

  • stamasd 1 years ago

    Oi now I really want to see the water jet cut attempt but it's not up yet. :(

  • 13% makes 50% 1 years ago

    Andy T that sounds like a really fascinating idea.

  • Existenceisillusion 1 years ago

    There could have been small pockets of air trapped on the surface, resulting in a larger volume measurement, in turn contributing to a lower density calculation. But it looks like less than 10% error from expected value, which is really good for a home setup.

  • Ola Nordmann 1 years ago

    What he said

  • Artonline 1 years ago

    Glad to see finally a real scientific instrument being used on one of Cody's experiments. Mitchell (Waterjet Channel) Tongue.

  • Artonline 1 years ago

    penguin mykey im assuming you are not using the tool spellcheck 😀

  • penguin Lol 1 years ago

    are yui assming what tool he uses ? (TRIGGERED)

  • Rembrandt 1 years ago

    Cody, would you do a video on Carbon Monoxide? Perhaps demonstrate ways in which it can be formed and how to detect it. People still die from it every year. It would be cool to warn people of it's dangers. Especially since it's a colourless and odourless gas. Maybe you could take it in another direction and do something interesting with it :)

  • Patric Hausammann 1 years ago

    Not a bad idea. But you could also buy a carbon monoxid detector on a PCB and get a suitable Micro Controller too🙄. This things are no more as expensive, as they were some years ago 🤗. But the carbon dioxyd detectores are much more expensive. I have some gas sensors working with a MCR, to get nealy all necessary informations about the air quality. If I am not totally wrong, the carbon dioxid sensors seem to work with some UV-LEDs and some kind of a color or light sensor. I think, I had a look at the sc...