"Mr. President, are you a racist?" (C-SPAN)

  • Published on:  1/12/2018
  • President Trump signs MLK Day Proclamation. As he exits, reporters ask, "Mr. President, are you a racist?" Watch the full video here: http://cs.pn/2DoLCe6


  • Basquiat nineeightseven
    Basquiat nineeightseven a years ago+2496

    I like how as soon as the reporters start asking questions, somebody almost instantly says 'oh boy'

  • Lance Gammad
    Lance Gammad a years ago+712

    “Mr president are you racist?”... 2018 looking great so far

  • Jamaru Peri
    Jamaru Peri a years ago+544

    Oh Boy

  • Alox
    Alox a years ago+287

    Mr. President, are you president?

  • Home is where the heart is.

    A better question would be: "Mr. President, do you know da wae?"

  • 26magicman26
    26magicman26 a years ago+978

    As if he's gunna turn around and say "aw shucks, you caught me red-handed. I sure don't like the blacks; not no way not no how."

  • Mike Kones
    Mike Kones a years ago+28

    The guy in the corner in that purple shirt screaming "No" ...
    Lol she said "I'm talking to the President."
    He said "I'm talking to you"....
    Well Damn Jerry Jerry! 😂😂 1:03

  • James Smith
    James Smith a years ago+418

    this is real hard hitting journalism here. take notes folks

  • Priscella ._.
    Priscella ._. a years ago+2

    Lady: "Mr President will you answer any of our serious question?"

  • Dra O
    Dra O a years ago+55

    Like he - or any other leader - would say yes.

  • Home is where the heart is.

    "Mr. President, are you racist" is going to be a meme

  • Christopher Goodwin
    Christopher Goodwin a years ago+6

    Propaganda spread by the mainstream media and everyone is eating it up. Man how I’m proud to be American..🙄

  • K G
    K G a years ago+1

    "We must remember the great example MLK left for us"
    OMG Trump is sooooo racist.

  • The Misunderstood Assassin

    "Mr. President, are you a racist?"
    WHAT KIND OF QUESTION WAS THAT!? A racist would never answer a question like that!

  • Jose Paulo De Paz
    Jose Paulo De Paz a years ago+4

    "I wasn't talking to you!" Was the highlight of this video

  • Craig Reustle
    Craig Reustle a years ago

    Black man: Offers to shake hands
    Trump: "Thanks marker holder!"

  • Jenric
    Jenric a years ago

    “Mr. President, did you poison the Gotham City water supply?”
    *Oh boy..*

  • GTR Wendy
    GTR Wendy a years ago+59

    They just wanted to get loud. The most action cspan has ever had

  • Myopic Eyes
    Myopic Eyes a years ago+458

    Can someone PLEASE make a meme of dude in purple prince shirt. His emphatic no is crying for it. @1:01

  • Joeyblondewolf2
    Joeyblondewolf2 a years ago+38

    That was awkward to watch lol and what did you want him to say?
    "Yes I am!" 😂 even if he said no, I'm sure they would of turned it around and found a way to make him look bad. Not saying anything was the best answer.