Alan Walker, Sabrina Carpenter & Farruko - On My Way

  • Published on:  3/21/2019
  • Walkers! The music video for my brand new single “On My Way” with Sabrina Carpenter and Farruko is finally here. This is the start of a whole new journey that I can’t wait to share with you all. I hope you like it, and are as excited as I am!- AlanCheck out the song here: #OnMyWayCREDITS:- Concept: Kristian Berg / MER- Director: Kristian Berg- Producer: Tayo Cittadella Jacobsen / Expect Films- DOP: Jakob Ingimundarson- B-Foto: Philip Borgli- Gaffer: Ingvar Stefánsson- Tech assistant: Lasse Heggen- Costume Designer: Elise Nystad- Hair & Makeup: Ragnhild Andersen- Production Designers: Mari Eios Eriksen & Christina Svedal- Location Manager: Tom Jørgensen / Fikser’n- Grade: Lucie Barbier- Lead VFX: Wirat Johannessen / VFX: Ola Kassen- Illustration and design: Robert Høyem / Renaissance painting: Nicholas O'Leary- Sound Design: Omar Omrani- Line Producer, France: Jethro Massey & Siham Bel / NEEDaFIXER- Hair & Makeup, France: Amélie Salomon- Production design, France: Lisa Rodriguez & Kimberly AdoniadisCAST:- Girl: Susanne Karin Moe- Professor: Zoran Jovanovic- Villagers: Alex Andrea & Jacques Colin Thank you to PUBG Mobile, Tencent Mobile, Trond Berg, SMART, Locavi and everyone involved in the production!Lyrics:I’m sorry butDon’t wanna talkI need a moment before i goIt`s nothing personalI draw the blindsThey don’t need to see me cryCause even when they understandThey don’t understandSo then when I’m finishedI’m all ‘bout my businessAnd ready to save the worldI’m takin my miseryMake it my bitchCan’t be everyone’s favourite girlSo, take aim and fire awayI’ve never been so wide awakeNo, nobody but me can keep me safeAnd I’m on my wayThe blood moon is on the riseThe fire burning in my eyesNo, nobody but me can keep me safeAnd I’m on my wayLo siento mucho, pero me voyPor que a tu lado me di cuenta que nada soyY me cansé de luchar y de guerrear en vanoDe estar en la línea de fuego y de meter la manoAcepto mis errores, también soy humanoY tu no vez que lo Hago por que te amoPero ya, no tengo mas na' que hacer aquíMe voy, llego la hora de partirEn mi propio camino seguiré lejos de tiSo, take aim and fire awayI’ve never been so wide awakeNo, nobody but me can keep me safeAnd I’m on my wayThe blood moon is on the riseThe fire burning in my eyesNo, nobody but me can keep me safeAnd I’m on my way


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    2015: Where are you now2019: On my wayIt took 4 years for reply😂😂😂

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    2015- where are you now?2017- Alone2019- On my way

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    Hi i am sadaanI'm on my way.I'm tired.I'm faded.So sing me to sleep..

  • My favorite song of 2019 so far along with sky parox-voices of the forest, and rubayne-desire!!! I wonder what everyone else listens to?

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