War | Official 4K Teaser | Hrithik Roshan | Tiger Shroff | Vaani Kapoor | Releasing 2 Oct



  • Toonz Network
    Toonz Network 1 months ago+1729

    Hrithik Roshan : Like
    Tiger Shroff : Comment

  • Music Lovers
    Music Lovers 2 days ago+127

    Please make dhoom 4 hrithik roshan as hero.
    We want Krissh 4 ,5
    We want more action movies with hrithik .love from tamil nadu.

  • Tarun Sharma
    Tarun Sharma yesterday+25

    1.16 M views everyday
    This movie gonna be lit af🔥🔥

  • ak fun video
    ak fun video 13 hours ago+21

    Which movie is Blockbuster?
    War :(Like)
    Sahoo :(Comment)

  • raja Joshi
    raja Joshi yesterday+21

    Hrithik is A best Actor of the World

  • pk Bkj
    pk Bkj 1 months ago+4608

    2 Oct ko Etna violence... Gandhi ji kya sochenge 😂😂

  • rashedazad123
    rashedazad123 yesterday+12

    Best of luck Hrithik and Tiger!!!
    We want minimum 2 movies of Hrithik per year....
    Hrithik...Please become busy in work before getting too old like Khans!!!
    People will remember you with your work...
    So, please become busy in work....

  • Shreshth Dogra
    Shreshth Dogra 2 days ago+13

    Man, I'll definitely watch this movie in the theatre on first' day of realease only only.

  • Arcanum Concept
    Arcanum Concept 2 days ago+11

    Ok looks sleek, but how many Hollywood films scenes will be used for this movie? Hopefully going to be a million times better then Race 3,,

  • Banjara Rider Niraj
    Banjara Rider Niraj 14 hours ago+9

    Two best dancers
    Two best physique persons
    One frame...

  • Vinayak Kulkarni
    Vinayak Kulkarni 1 months ago+2291

    2nd October :
    Gandhiji : Non Violence
    YRF : WAR

  • Amit BHADANA
    Amit BHADANA 19 hours ago+11

    Who is best

  • AJ SON
    AJ SON 2 days ago+15

    Are ab kuch lagaa ki bolly Holly ka takker de rha hai
    1st time 👺

  • Vinay Mishra
    Vinay Mishra yesterday+9

    Plz sir ask to producer of war
    That do or make trailer that type in which all audience fall
    We war will win from saaho

  • Aman Kumar
    Aman Kumar 6 days ago+317

    Finally we got - The Flying Jatt v/s Krish 😂😂😂

  • NEiL Arya
    NEiL Arya 1 months ago+1253

    Who's looking amazing...?
    Hrithik : like
    Tiger : cmnt

  • Ritik Ranjan
    Ritik Ranjan yesterday+11

    Hrithik Roshan. ..Ek saal me ek film dega. ..Ussi me sabki gaand mardega

  • Suno Gaur Se Duniya Walo

    We've been watching this all day
    Dear Yash Raj Films,
    release the real trailer for the film

  • S4LM4N P
    S4LM4N P 2 days ago +5

    Hollywood: Batman Vs Superman
    Bollywood: Flying Jatt Vs Krish

  • lord knight
    lord knight 7 days ago+396

    Super 30 trailer :
    56 million views in 2 months
    War teaser :
    41 million views in 3 weeks