SI Sarayu | 7 Arts | By SRikanth Reddy

  • Published on:  6/24/2019
  • Namasthe 7 Arts cult ...There is nothing more savage than subjecting an infant to such barbarism. This is the nadir of humanity. Despite such inhuman activities reported rampantly across the country and across the globe, the justice system is still slow. Every justice delayed or denied, adds to the criminal's confidence and they move scot free.The criminals lack conscious and hence the only answer to them is fast judgement and strongest punishment .. #SISarayu#7Arts Join Us In Trying To Bring The Change : 7 ArtsActors : Srikanth Reddy, Sarayu RoySupporting Actors : Teju Billa, Ashraf, DineshAsst Editor : DineshSet Asst : KarthikPost Production & Produced by : 7 ArtsWritten & Directed By : SRikanth Reddy


  • Chinnu Parthu
    Chinnu Parthu 1 months ago+2396

    ఇదే విదంగా ఆ పాప పై అఘాయిత్యం చేసిన వాడికి జరగాలని.......ఎంత మంది కోరుకుంటున్నారు

  • nomula saiprasad
    nomula saiprasad 1 months ago+127

    Nilanti lady police lu sate ki okaruu unna masth 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

    GS PHOTOGRAPHY 1 months ago+42

    అరేయ్ మస్తు చూపిం చినారు భై.... మీ టీమ్ మొత్తం మస్తు కష్టపడ్రున్నరు ...
    All the best for your future...
    ఏదైనా హెల్ప్ కావాలంటే చెప్పండి భై నా ఫీల్డ్ సంబంధించి చేసేద్దాం...bye...

  • Prince John
    Prince John 1 months ago+16

    These people comes with good concept, vadi gilakaya is awesome 😂😂😂😂😂, from my side Heartful likes for this makers.

  • Pardhu sagar
    Pardhu sagar 1 months ago+37

    Rash talking but the message is superb rape chese naa kodukulaki edhe correct keep rocking for ur team mam

  • Yuhan akilis
    Yuhan akilis 1 months ago+820

    కల్లు లేవనీ కాల్లు లేవనీ ఎవరైనా చేప్పుకున్తరు కానీ MODDA లేదని evadanna cheppukuntaraa ....👌 dialogue

  • nagaraju pallerla
    nagaraju pallerla 1 months ago+8

    sarayu u have a done good job love u..nd bhahubali 2 short flm

  • reinvented720
    reinvented720 1 months ago+35

    Good message guys. This should be the punishment for the rapists. Love you 7 arts from USA

  • Sathish Chandra
    Sathish Chandra 1 months ago+12

    Excellent work, what you did is exactly Right, All the best for your future projects 👍

  • bharath kumar
    bharath kumar 1 months ago+29

    Srikanth BRO nee thinking. Super

  • Keshavarapu Naveenkumar
    Keshavarapu Naveenkumar 1 months ago+659

    ఇప్పుడు పెట్టండి మూర్తి గారు డిబెబ్...

  • Santosh Janasena
    Santosh Janasena 1 months ago+39

    Bold but blockbuster concept and taking great work 7 Arts

  • Gade Suresh
    Gade Suresh 1 months ago+34


  • 2019 Memorie'z#gallery

    Srikanth garu emaindi last one month nunchi no New🆕 Flms@We r waiting
    Make any new

  • Prince Nani
    Prince Nani 1 months ago+7

    Vayammmoooo.....😲😲😨😷🙆🙆🙆🙇 Hey bhagavannnnn

  • మహేష్ రౌడీ ఫ్యాన్

    ప్లీజ్ ఇలానే వీడియోస్ తీస్తూనే ఉండండి.....మా సపోర్ట్ మీకే ఉంటది👍

  • siva gadadasu
    siva gadadasu 21 days ago+7

    Excellent work .. u guys are done the right thing .. keep rocking broo..don't stop the videos we are with you ..
    Debates will not for the society use just Leve the news channel debates ..and keep rocking .

  • MV mv
    MV mv 1 months ago+2

    Akka miru super super 👌👌👌 this is the right thing love u ur team😍😍😍😍😘😘

    K R KRISHNA 1 months ago+23

    We will support you Sarayu and your all team

  • bollywood all time
    bollywood all time 1 months ago+41

    Sarayu u r superbbbbb.......don't think about negative comments...keep going