• Published on:  1/13/2018
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    It's true, Julia is gone so I gotta go back to my roots and win her back with the first recipe we ever did on this channel. Potato Skins.




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  • HellthyJunkFood
    HellthyJunkFood  9 months ago+1364

    Let’s get this vid trending 🔥 so Julia can see it and come back to me!! 💔 LIKE AND SHARE!!!

  • walkintall7
    walkintall7 3 days ago

    You guys are hilarious! Nice to see you guys doing this together as a family!👍😎

  • A Idiotic bacon chips

    I feel bad for his mom that no one came to the party

  • Jerry's up to something again

    Why does JP have herpes in this vid?

  • Baylie Jones
    Baylie Jones 11 days ago

    Seriously broke my heart at the end. I would come to your mom's party all the way from Texas if she wanted me to. She seems so nice and like the best mom. I would absolutely love to be her friend. 😭😭 Love you PJ's Mom!!!

  • Jay
    Jay 12 days ago

    very very sad

  • kasetopher 72
    kasetopher 72 14 days ago

    Your mom looks like Julia

  • Lavender Gaming
    Lavender Gaming 14 days ago

    0:54 AHHH

  • Camille Berthelson
    Camille Berthelson 15 days ago

    I love this video! I have a friend who is vegan, and I showed this to her, particularly 3:08. Now potatoes are a running joke between us!

  • Anna Brzezinski
    Anna Brzezinski 16 days ago

    I feel really bad for JP’s Mom no one came to her part sad😭

  • IDontKnowWhatToNameMyChannel

    I’m a triggered and this vegans me.

  • TheWizzylizzie
    TheWizzylizzie 18 days ago

    How sweet is your mum JP?!

  • Bre'Ana Travet
    Bre'Ana Travet 19 days ago

    Im from Rochester

  • the23god ya dig
    the23god ya dig 20 days ago

    i wish i would have seen u

  • Malo Taumua
    Malo Taumua 23 days ago

    What’s a “pataytuh skin”

  • Yahya Koura
    Yahya Koura 28 days ago

    1:28 Using ad block, nicccce

  • Daniel Van Doorn
    Daniel Van Doorn 1 months ago

    1like = 1 guest at Jp’s moms party

  • TheAmazing Sidney
    TheAmazing Sidney 1 months ago

    5:10 I can smell it

  • Bryce Vlogs and Games
    Bryce Vlogs and Games 1 months ago

    I feel bad for your mom JP cause no one came to her party

  • Sierrah Scruggs
    Sierrah Scruggs 1 months ago

    “You’re vegan you cant have potato’s”