Solve Mysteries with Detective Pikachu!

  • Published on:  1/12/2018
  • Get ready to tackle cases in Detective Pikachu, coming to the Nintendo 3DS family of systems in spring 2018! With this tough-talking, coffee-drinking, one-of-a-kind Pikachu by your side, you can talk to witnesses, hunt for clues, and uncover the secrets of Ryme City. Visit our site for more details:

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  • ProtoMario (Jan 12, 2018)

    I am ready to solve the mystery of why Pikachu is now talking...

  • Matthew Devine (Mar 15, 2018)

    Might be his Tim's father turned into a pikachu with amnesia, similar to Bill as a clefairy

  • Masterball778 (Jan 16, 2018)

    ProtoMario Yes. This is a question that I...Don't want answered! But, Proto, do what you wish.

  • LordVGames (Jan 16, 2018)

    I thought gamefreak gave up on this game. I thought gamefreak was done with the 3ds. I guess that's why you don't make assumptions.

  • Waganda (Feb 16, 2018)

    They say there done making mainline games for the 3ds nun about spinoffs

  • arthur pires (Feb 12, 2018)

    That's actully Creatures, and it make sense that this game have localization problem, just look at Mother 3

  • Matt Dawson (Jan 15, 2018)

    Never has something so ridiculous and unnecessary been so desperately needed in my life.

  • Xileer Torias (Nov 12, 2018)

    9 months later - Now there's a movie :p

  • Matthew Devine (Mar 15, 2018)

    I have $26 out of the $35 needed to buy this game saved up already

  • G Horse (Jan 15, 2018)

    LA Noire 2 looks amazing

  • Last Gen Gamers (Feb 10, 2018)

    Sometimes you just gotta shake the tree and see what falls out

  • Extremely Zavier (Feb 5, 2018)

    G Horse looks like trash

  • MYT Animation (Jan 16, 2018)

    Did I just see a serious looking Pikachu holding a gun yell “try this on for size” while shooting at something. Sign me up

  • StickMaster500 (Jan 12, 2018)

    Plot Twist: Danny DeVito is the true villain of this game

  • Nic5 Cyprus (Jan 17, 2018)

    You are here too? Man, no youtube video is safe from you

  • Silvanor (Jan 17, 2018)

    StickMaster500 no...... You aren't even near a reincarnations of Spookwagen but yet.... You went further than him.

  • Pikaking Gaming (Jan 16, 2018)

    I thought this was a joke

  • Me too!

  • Extremely Zavier (Feb 5, 2018)

    Pikaking Gaming same

  • John Hart (Jan 19, 2018)

    ... wow, and I thought the talking pikachu from the 'i choose you' movie was creepy!

  • gordon sherrill (Mar 9, 2018)

    This isn’t creepy it is art

  • Ariel Dougan (Mar 4, 2018)

    John Hart I didn’t think it was creepy at all, it made me cry!

  • CoolBeanz & Friends (Jan 15, 2018)

    I still want Danny Devito DLC

  • X Crew XD hey this place is full of TRAAAAEEEESH

  • SpeedyCanadian (Jan 31, 2018)

    We all do. But we gotta settle for Kaji Tang.

  • That Guy Named Chezmond (Jan 15, 2018)

    Did pikachu go through puberty?

  • Beardie-Boi- 420 (Apr 15, 2018)

    *i* D *On* T *kn* *ow*

  • Killerwhale 6011 (Jan 19, 2018)

    You do not know da wae