Trump Calls Non-White Countries "S**tholes": The Daily Show



  • Don Kapsalon
    Don Kapsalon a years ago+1100

    why would anyone from norway move to america haha!

  • Shawn Hennings
    Shawn Hennings a years ago+33

    Well....he isn't wrong.

  • SUPER NPC#32114
    SUPER NPC#32114 a years ago+129

    Trevor Noah looks like a CNN anchor.

  • Pedro Rafael
    Pedro Rafael a years ago+6

    half of
    the americans didn´t get the joke from Portugal -"Portugal, is that a part of Spain? Where is that?"

  • DiverHoly1
    DiverHoly1 3 days ago+2

    I'm from Norway, and yes, it's true, we do wear moonscreen :)

  • Maisy Nelson
    Maisy Nelson a years ago+520

    Norway is the happiest country in the world why would ANYONE from there want to come here lmao

  • Nor El Islam MESSEDAD
    Nor El Islam MESSEDAD a years ago+187

    Greetings, from North Shithole!

  • Suck My Sniper
    Suck My Sniper 10 months ago+6

    I come from the middle Shithole.
    Thanks Trump, I absolutely love it here.
    Respect to you, my man.

  • Shaun K
    Shaun K a years ago+46

    I too am from South Shithole. Every single member of my family, me included, has been a victim of a violent crime, more than once. South Shithole boasts some of the worst crime stats in the world, high unemployment, high inequality, and high poverty rates. I love my country, but lets be real. There's a reason Trevor Noah doesn't live here anymore.

  • Franco Labuschagne
    Franco Labuschagne a years ago+93

    i come from South Shithole, and i can confirm this statement. thumbs up for mr.Trump lel

  • mori1bund
    mori1bund a years ago+102

    As if people from countries like Norway would emigrate to the US, a country that hasn't even the basics every civilized country has like a functioning healthcare system, a modern infrastructure, high standard public education... (but hey, they have tax cuts...)

  • BB inc.
    BB inc. 6 months ago+7

    Thanks for calling me the whitest

  • Tiago Frutuoso
    Tiago Frutuoso a years ago+12

    Trevor, i'm Portuguese and i wouldn't step foot in the USA with the cheeto-in-chief calling the shots.

  • Ana Machado
    Ana Machado 6 months ago+9

    2:02 i'm from Portugal and put that orange thing away from us !

  • Lorents Hegdal
    Lorents Hegdal a years ago+4

    It is slightly of the edge, but I am glad he at least liked my country

    REBEL LOGIC a years ago+1241

    HOW is he THE PRESIDENT? I still have a hard time believing this.. the president? Omg .. what a joke

  • Mathias Buen Olsen
    Mathias Buen Olsen a years ago+1

    BTW there's a lot of immigrants in Norway

  • Robin Trunkai
    Robin Trunkai a years ago+1

    I'm from Norway, and honestly I can't even argue with that, he's 100% right

  • Isabella
    Isabella a years ago+1

    Dis has reached my village and we are triggered

  • Adlai Ferrell
    Adlai Ferrell 14 days ago

    Everyday 😎😋