Paul Allen's Radio Call of the Minnesota Vikings' Unbelievable Miracle Touchdown vs. Saints

  • Published on:  1/14/2018
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    Highlight Heaven  9 months ago+5683

    We hit #2 on trending!💪🏼Thanks guys!
    EDIT: #1 TRENDING!!!

  • Matt E
    Matt E 16 days ago

    1:36 BIG MISTAKE

  • Joe Espo
    Joe Espo 1 months ago


  • GlazeJWK
    GlazeJWK 1 months ago+1


  • Holden Harper
    Holden Harper 2 months ago

    2,5k Saints fans disliked this video

  • Jimmy T
    Jimmy T 2 months ago

    Within 30 seconds his voices goes from despair to "holy shit that happened".

  • Corey Canha
    Corey Canha 4 months ago

    Saints choked hard

  • Mara Ukena
    Mara Ukena 4 months ago


  • Nick Foles
    Nick Foles 5 months ago

    yeah sorry but i was hungry for that bowl

  • Vikings Fan 08 -Roblox And More

    The dislikes are Proabbly just saints fans.i said Proabbly I don't know for sure I'm pretty sure tho
    Edit:Nobody likes my comments so I like it myself

  • tricksonafixed
    tricksonafixed 5 months ago

    "....Yes, yes, yes. Let's go to Philadelphia!"
    3 months later: *face palm*

  • Kirby's Golden Hammer
    Kirby's Golden Hammer 5 months ago+1

    "It doesn't matter, because they got killed by the Eagles."
    Yes, because no one remembers the Immaculate Reception, either. The Steelers lost to the undefeated Miami Dolphins in the AFC Title game the very next week. The rest is history. I'm just saying.
    It will be interesting to watch the next three years play out with Kirk Cousins and one of the more complete teams the Vikings have ever had.

  • Go North888
    Go North888 5 months ago

    Radio is 7 seconds before live TV. The hardest hug I got from my teenager. Forever Grateful Memory

  • Tom Strauss
    Tom Strauss 5 months ago

    Ironic twist: like The Immaculate Reception, the Minnesota Miracle only led to ultimate heartbreak, as both the ‘72 Steelers and the 2017 Vikings lost the conference championship game a week later

  • Yeah river 2
    Yeah river 2 5 months ago

    I listened to this game in the car cause I was going to a dumb timberwolves game and Paul Allen almost made me def and I was so happy lol

  • Pants are PBE
    Pants are PBE 6 months ago

    Should of just let paul allen do the talking not the oh my god :]

  • Randy Randomson
    Randy Randomson 6 months ago+2

    2.5k salty Saints fans

  • Jake Beach
    Jake Beach 7 months ago

    Good God Bercich... shut the hell up

  • Apachified
    Apachified 7 months ago

    They would then get curbstomped by the Eagles.

  • Mr BonBon
    Mr BonBon 7 months ago

    😭😭 The Saints are my favorite team.. I thought we were going to the NFC Championship 😭😭😭😭😭😭
    I hate the Vikings now 2nd most hated team ( The Vikings )
    But still lets go ⚜