Paul Allen's Radio Call of the Minnesota Vikings' Unbelievable Miracle Touchdown vs. Saints

  • Published on:  1/14/2018
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  • Highlight Heaven 1 years ago

    We hit #2 on trending!💪🏼Thanks guys!EDIT: #1 TRENDING!!!

  • ImJustADude 1 years ago

    you're welcome ig

  • Joe GamingX 1 years ago

    GLad 4 u

  • Tarnan Osmek 1 years ago

    Yea we lost to the eagles, but we will never forget this moment

  • Melissa Playz 9 days ago


  • Rowen Martin 6 months ago

    Colin Gordon this aged poorly

  • Guntur Wibowo 1 years ago

    *This is like in the 70's when you can't afford to buy a telly and listening while ironing the cloth*

  • Brian G 8 months ago

    Going to be burnt bad if you re holding the iron at the time!!

  • Young DAINE’ 1 years ago

    I was at a restaurant watching the game. That was UNBELIEVABLE

  • SkolWorks Edits 1 years ago

    Spencer G I felt the same way. There's no way we had good luck for once lol

  • Jeremy Mayfield 1 years ago

    From a Dolphins fan,Win it for once!

  • 1 years ago

    I yelled so loud I busted a blood vessel in my eye

  • Mark Symbala 1 years ago

    Master Shake fuc u

  • Mark Symbala 1 years ago I did too from vomiting

  • Casey Aylward 1 years ago

    Minneapolis miracle, I like that.

  • Isaac Schweer 1 years ago

    I’m gonna make this my alarm so I can wake up each morning in a state of utter ecstasy

  • Terry ! 1 years ago

    I was there! First time in US bank stadium and witnessed a miracle. Crowd went nuts, beer and cups went flying, strangers we're hugging and high fiving. It was euphoric.

  • Natearl13 6 months ago

    Scooby Carr You too!

  • Scooby Carr 6 months ago

    @Natearl13 Good luck to you! Have a nice weekend!

  • Best radio announcer of all time

  • Tyler Ireland 9 days ago

    @BronchoKyle he did though. There's nothing wrong with getting excited and explaining the play shortly after it happened.

  • BronchoKyle 9 days ago

    @Tyler Ireland the fact he really didn't explain that went on and started screaming makes it a shitty call. You can be excited and make a clear call. You have to paint more of a picture with radio.

  • Jakub Micha 1 years ago

    I’m a Packers fan and I have to admit this was incredible!