BTS: Boy with Luv (Live) - SNL



  • fancyfest
    fancyfest 4 months ago+2212

    This proves that you don’t have to understand pop songs to get down. Those are some sweet choreography moves

  • Catalina Ester
    Catalina Ester 1 months ago+2054

    dont you love when they randomly start laughing or smiling while dancing? they really seem to enjoy performing

  • Talo Ackeishia
    Talo Ackeishia 2 months ago+2862

    That guy with pink hair . he has a damn huge stage presence.they are good considering with that small stage.

  • Style Leaño
    Style Leaño 28 days ago+1033

    As a Michael Jackson fan, I've never encountered another set of artists ooze such heavy charisma and presence on stage. I might just be exaggerating since I'm rarely updated about the fresh faces in the entertainment industry we have today, but one thing I'm sure about is that BTS is one hell of boy group. The fact that seven talented individuals with so much character are squeezed in a single band is just amazing to me. Where did they find these people? Not to mention how attractive they are. I didn't even notice I was already tearing up watching their performance until I felt my cheeks wet. Now I get why they're insanely popular and respected. (Also, I might or I might not be crushing on the guy with the awesome pink hair.)

  • mayailiana53
    mayailiana53 21 days ago+187

    65 years old..Led Zepplin and Dylan grandma but I know talent and charisma and originality when I see it and these young guys have it all in spades!! Well deserved worldwide accolades..wishing these young guys the very best!

  • Elizabeth Erin
    Elizabeth Erin 1 months ago+545

    it's the been exactly three months since I saw this live and thought "oh, so this is that BTS everyone's been talking about." in that period of time I have accidentally stanned so hard that one half of my brain is now just BTS trivia. very satisfied with my experience, 11/10 would recommend.

  • Çağan Yılmaz
    Çağan Yılmaz 1 months ago+1967

    I don’t listen to kpop normally and not a pop music fan myself, but damn these people can dance and sing for real! I don’t know why people give that much negativity and hate to a hardworking and talented boyband like this. The only downside of them is now I can’t get this song out of my head lol 😂

  • kendall ledford
    kendall ledford 2 months ago+1538

    i honestly feel bad for doubting bts all this time, they’re music is so good and they’re hot as hell😌❤️

  • chicken adobo
    chicken adobo 1 months ago+1838

    They’re the best boy band at all time. I said what I said.

  • Greem Ulax
    Greem Ulax 2 months ago+2224

    cant get my eyes off the guy in the pink hair

  • TheTaxburden
    TheTaxburden 1 months ago+1533

    So I guess after playing this 20+ times I'm a fan. Lol. Ugh! They got me! The blonde guy is super hot. Well they kind of all are. Damn.

  • acciofirebolt100
    acciofirebolt100 2 months ago+2636

    I am slowly getting obsessed with them......😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • 엄마연탄
    엄마연탄 1 months ago+380

    am i the only one who always coming back to this vid only for re-reading locals coment about them😌😌

  • Mimi Lee
    Mimi Lee 1 months ago+892

    Today my male friend who never listen to kpop just ask me " you love bts right? What their latest song name? That song so something, addictive, i cant stop listen to them"

  • infiresos ‵‵
    infiresos ‵‵ 2 months ago+1607

    This is probably the cleanest and most wholesome comment section I've been! 💜🤙

  • It's Outbreak
    It's Outbreak 2 months ago+461

    This song is actually the best just the fact that their message of peace and loving thyself rather than music preferring shit ridden meaningless sex, drugs and what not..This clean and good music is better to be liked in such a sick market..

  • Dota 2 Player 'SenjeHang'
    Dota 2 Player 'SenjeHang' 2 months ago+2136

    Im a Heavy Metal ,grunge metal , hard rock and Bts fan .

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark 1 months ago+557

    I’m a straight male, I love this song and the dance routine. Am I okay?

  • morrisontl
    morrisontl 4 months ago+1580

    Probably one of the best performances on that small stage that I’ve seen in decades of watching SNL!

  • gpkl mni
    gpkl mni 2 months ago+1798

    It's hard to find an inspirational group nowadays, that has the whole package. BTS are an exception and I'm so happy they are getting recognized more & more.
    We need their voice.