I Am Afraid After The Synagogue Shooting in Pittsburgh

  • Published on:  12/11/2018
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    Bella lives in a neighborhood called Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh. She's grown up there, lived there her whole life, has her friends and her synagogue there, right near the Tree of Life synagogue, and it had always been a peaceful neighborhood - diverse and accepting - a really nice place to live. There were a lot of Jewish families who lived there and she could hardly remember any anti semitism ever happening around them.

    But, on Saturday, October 27th, she slept in late and only woke up when her mom called to her from the other room at around eleven o'clock. She ran in to her Mom's room and her younger sister was there and they looked awful, pale, afraid and scared. Bella didn't know what was going on, and her mom would only whisper because she didn't want Bella's youngest sister to wake up. But something really, really bad was going on - you could tell from the terrified looks on her Mom and sister.

    Her mom asked is she'd looked at her phone yet, if she'd seen or heard any of what was on the news. She'd heard lots of sirens in her half sleep, but they didn't wake her - what was going on? Her mom sat her down and told her that there had been a mass shooting at a temple - the Tree of Life synagogue right there in squirrel hill.

    Bella gasped and sat down hard. She was so scared, afraid, shaking and crying. She was just in shock that something like this had happened, in their neighborhood, at a synagogue that was practically right next to the one she attended. Also, the fact that it was all because of their religion, all because they were Jewish, and this scared Bella too - the ant-semitism, and all these shootings taking place everywhere.

    What made the tragedy even worse was the fact that it was Shabbat, the holiest day of the week for the Jewish people -- all they were doing was praying -- and that morning the Tree of Life synagogue was having a baby naming for a new baby just born into their community, a special and festive and happy occasion. And an evil man full of hate and anti semitism came into their place of worship and shot and killed 11 people, including police and security guards.

    When Bella and her friends returned to their religious school, hebrew school, so many of them were on edge, scared, and couldn't quite put into words how awful and vulnerable it made them feel. Why was there anti semitism, or hate of any kind? Why couldn't people coexist without hatred and gun violence?

    After they had started their school day they had a special morning prayer service and they invited the congregation from the Tree of Life synagogue to join them. There were so many people there, mourning and praying, holding hands and supporting each other - praying for peace, and love, and for the souls of the those who passed to ascend. And they chanted and sang words of power, that they were strong and that they would not be afraid.

    The Pittsburgh synagogue shooting has effected jews all over the United States and the world, and all people who enjoy feeling safe and free to worship how they choose under any religion they choose. Hopefully the families affected by this tragedy will be able to feel one day that those they lost did not die in vain and that they re-awakened the need for peace, and love, and light across the entire world.

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    1# on trending, I wonder who funded that

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    A Kavanagh 6 minutes ago

    stop cramming this gay shit down our throats youtube

  • Vldlover Khan
    Vldlover Khan 6 minutes ago

    I go to a Jewish school I know so many songs prayers and other stuff I’m not jewish I’m muslim I remember the day when I came to school after the shooting everyone’s talking about it so I searched it up and I just felt really bad and sad
    Why did I just write all that
    To just say that I was sad

  • 6th
    6th 6 minutes ago

    jews are evil

  • 6th
    6th 6 minutes ago

    why are jews so greedy?

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    Tech Support 6 minutes ago

    Ha ha ha #NestedMango

  • The Missing Link
    The Missing Link 6 minutes ago

    Israel should not be a country.
    The United States should not be involved in the Middle East.
    Have a good day.

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    Poor baby 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

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    My parent's anniversary is on the 27th of October 0^0

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  • NintendoWolf
    NintendoWolf 7 minutes ago

    While that event was a damn tragedy, this whole video seems way over exaggerated. I don’t want to feel like an asshole saying this, but still that what this video feels like.

  • Emma Barman
    Emma Barman 8 minutes ago

    Hate is wrong. the Jewish community did nothing wrong. I've never been really religious and have been picked on for being jewish. It just makes me sick all the holocaust jokes and rude comments make me rage. I just can't even deal anymore. We need the world to change for the better. If I see one rude comment joke or remark about this you will be reported.

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    Dramatic american

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    I'm happy

  • Project Obscurum
    Project Obscurum 11 minutes ago

    Very sad, I am a semite. This is only a reaction to American culture and what Israel did in Palestine was terrible.

  • Jase Tyler
    Jase Tyler 11 minutes ago

    Then get a firearm. Train with it. Carry it every day

  • Joelhern1
    Joelhern1 12 minutes ago

    Rest in dear peace to all that lost their lives on this day....

  • Chlorine Moonwalker
    Chlorine Moonwalker 12 minutes ago

    Some people don't care about those who are different than us and just decide to end up killing innocent people who have done nothing hurtful or bad to them.
    Such a cruel world today.
    Let's try and make all of this "murdering spree" that is happening within the world today and make peace with each other.

  • l3arrett82
    l3arrett82 12 minutes ago

    a long time ago my wifes car was broken down so i had to take her back and forth to work. she worked in the city and sometimes would not get out till 1 in the morning. one day as i sit out int he parking lot waiting for her to send me the text to pull up and get her i hear a lady screaming help help hes killing me. next day on the news a woman was reported dead by stabbing across the street from where i was. you know what i did instead of being a whiny little bitch trying to ban knives or advocate passing more laws?
    i bought a pistol got my hand gun carry permit and spent as much free time as i could researching laws rules regulations that restrict me in how what when and where i could carry and practiced and trained my skills as best i could afford. i then seen how idiotic liberal democrats were with these unjust and backwards thinking laws and became a full blown second amendment supporter.