England Win CWC After Super Over! | England vs New Zealand - Highlights | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019



  • Z Productions
    Z Productions 1 months ago+1323

    Cricket needs more men like Kane Williamson, the most humble captain ever..Congratulations to England

  • TheWarrior120
    TheWarrior120 1 months ago+932

    Can I make a request to ICC and Star Sports on behalf of all the viewers to hand over a special award to Ian Smith for an outstanding commentary of last 3 overs, it kept us captivated, i have never seen these kind of commentary ever.

  • Ashley James Baller
    Ashley James Baller 1 months ago+642

    Can’t get much closer in any game winning than this. Best World Cup final in any sport World Cup final ever. Surely...

  • _Sub To PewDiePie_ !

    I would pay a million dollars just to see that super over live again... best finals in cricket history

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia 4 days ago+29

    Unbelievable game of cricket. Love from spain❤️🇪🇸🇪🇸

  • Kaif Moriwala
    Kaif Moriwala 1 months ago+982

    This match would be forever remembered in the history of cricket.....

  • tik tok clip videos
    tik tok clip videos 1 months ago+330

    can you guys believe that this video tranding in
    Sri Lanka
    and many other countries it's just unbelievable 😵😵😵

  • Sasha Александр
    Sasha Александр 1 months ago+398

    Our Blackcaps didn't lose, its just that England won. Proud Kiwi :D

  • Joseph Russo
    Joseph Russo 1 months ago+257

    Not sure why this was in my recommended. Don't understand one rule of cricket. Still watched till the end tho lol.

  • gaming warrior
    gaming warrior 1 months ago+172

    Kane Williamson will be remembered for his sportsmanship for forever

  • Fahad Ashraf
    Fahad Ashraf 1 months ago+3569

    This is how many people love
    New Zealand captain Kane Williamson

  • Andrew Parker
    Andrew Parker 1 months ago+177

    I'm still watching this a few times every day. Massive respect to NZ. Unbelievable scenes

  • Asad Khan
    Asad Khan 2 days ago+6

    England : Won final
    New Zealand : Won hearts

  • TheMole1234 2
    TheMole1234 2 1 months ago+158

    This was without a doubt the single greatest cricket match in history

  • Tay & Eugene
    Tay & Eugene 1 months ago+195

    I’m from New Zealand (Christchurch) 🇳🇿🇳🇿🇳🇿🇳🇿🇳🇿🇳🇿

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith 1 months ago+1384

    First time I’ve seen cricket on Trending in US this is progress!!

  • Alinjar Dan
    Alinjar Dan 1 months ago+49

    It's a week already since this spectacle. Anyone else who has not got over this?

  • Arafat Seazon
    Arafat Seazon 21 days ago+191

    Who is the best player in the world
    Kane Williamson == like 💯
    Virat khohili === comment 💯

  • Rudraksh Panwar
    Rudraksh Panwar 6 days ago+7

    England win cup New Zealand Hearts

  • Fur Cue 2
    Fur Cue 2 1 months ago+36

    You don't have to be a fan to realise that that was special.