"Cantina Theme" played by a pencil and a girl with too much time on her hands

  • Published on:  1/10/2018
  • I spent way too much time figuring this out.For more like it, check out r/pencilmusic on reddit!To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email licensing@storyful.comWhat is my life. Is this what my life have come to? This is my peak? Anyway, thanks internet.


  • It's BeeRay
    It's BeeRay a years ago+22591

    As a small YouTuber, it’s so cool to see a video like this #1 on trending. Reminds me of the old YouTube. Before all the diss tracks and drama and filming of dead bodies.

  • Call Me Vice
    Call Me Vice a years ago+824

    now solve for x

  • Desktop Kitty
    Desktop Kitty a years ago+558

    Like, literally writing music.

  • Seafire
    Seafire a years ago+494

    Q U I C K M A T H S

  • Brian
    Brian a years ago+1365

    It's stuck in my head now.

  • Ellie Wilcox
    Ellie Wilcox a years ago+3160

    Now this, this is good content

  • Morty McSmith
    Morty McSmith a years ago+283

    Plot twist: The equation is how you work out midichlorian levels in your blood.

  • Viktor
    Viktor a years ago+376

    How do people come up with this? Like imagine a person sitting there, playing with a pencil. Deciding to make a cover of a song with it. Lol

  • 9 year old epic gamer soldier

    Wow this is one the best and most impressive things i have ever seen!

  • AnimeBlackGuy _
    AnimeBlackGuy _ a years ago+41

    These are the most 'Youtube' of Youtube videos

  • Oceanwavesandcocaine
    Oceanwavesandcocaine a years ago+4399

    This is the peak of mankind

  • CPT_Pringlo 2
    CPT_Pringlo 2 a years ago+37

    When it’s the middle of your math test and your teacher won’t let you listen to music

  • Hank Hill
    Hank Hill a years ago+15

    This is what you do to get on trending nowadays

    whispers* i love it

  • Raiyga
    Raiyga a years ago+18

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    If you are Jedi
    Let the force be with you.

  • TTDJ
    TTDJ a years ago+71

    #1 on Trending here in Sweden for over a week now.

  • nemesis962074
    nemesis962074 a years ago+2204

    These are the kind of videos that should always be on trending

  • Matthew Gage
    Matthew Gage a years ago+8

    Turns out there is a use for algebra!

  • Zeekiel Gaming
    Zeekiel Gaming a years ago+5

    OOOH... Those parentheses,
    That's my favorite part!

  • Kelsey Kan
    Kelsey Kan a years ago+8

    Someone should switch a scene in Star Wars with the cantina theme and switch it with this

  • Christy the Random
    Christy the Random a years ago+13

    Scratch scratch scratch scratch scratchscratch scratch scra- scratch scratchscratch scratch scratch scratch scratch. Scratch.
    Scratch scratch scratch scratch scratchscratch scratch scra- scratch scratchscratch... scratchscratch scratch. (Scratch scratch)
    Scratch scratch scratch scratch scratchscratch scratch scra- scratch scratchscratch scratch scratch scratch scratch. Scratch...
    Scratch. Scratch. Scratch. Scratch. Scra-scratch scratch scratch SCRATCH.