Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Pringles | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit



  • Bon Appétit
    Bon Appétit  17 hours ago+1105

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  • GJNorman
    GJNorman 11 minutes ago

    Claire didn't say that reading ingredients is her favourite part.

  • John Paul Santos
    John Paul Santos 11 minutes ago


  • Ron Aaron
    Ron Aaron 12 minutes ago

    All that effort, and you just end up with Pringles...

  • Yasmijn 1500
    Yasmijn 1500 12 minutes ago

    posted on my birthday ;) amazing gift bon appetit

  • Yushy
    Yushy 13 minutes ago

    The trial and error experiment process is really fascinating to watch, this series is great.

  • Denan Li
    Denan Li 13 minutes ago


  • Julia Lee
    Julia Lee 13 minutes ago

    Claire makes me think of Sara from buzzfeed lol

  • Ezekiel Pisi
    Ezekiel Pisi 13 minutes ago+1

    I don’t really understand myself why I love watching her videos😂❤️

  • Sallehudin AbdulRahman
    Sallehudin AbdulRahman 14 minutes ago

    How old are you?

  • Fields Carlisle
    Fields Carlisle 14 minutes ago

    Pringles always burn my mouth so maybe there is a ton of acid in them. Idk. I'm not a fan

  • Arvin Selvananthan
    Arvin Selvananthan 14 minutes ago

    It feels like she is getting better at this

  • PhantomSZN
    PhantomSZN 15 minutes ago

    “so here’s the ingredients“
    skip skip skip skip

  • modig Abdi
    modig Abdi 15 minutes ago

    Hokusai facus. Damn spell check bett Midler

  • Diamond In The Rough
    Diamond In The Rough 15 minutes ago

    Ooo number 1 on trending!

  • Defaultylindy
    Defaultylindy 16 minutes ago

    I wish I could like eat them 🤤

  • Moksu
    Moksu 17 minutes ago

    totally not bought advertisement...

  • Ben Hollis
    Ben Hollis 17 minutes ago

    These videos are great! Awesome job Claire!! Keep it going!

  • Jack Kevin
    Jack Kevin 18 minutes ago

    Make Tim tams next

  • Aloysius Satuseppä
    Aloysius Satuseppä 18 minutes ago

    P A R A B O L O I D