12 Maine Coon Cat Facts So Unreal It’s Hard To Believe They’re All True



  • Let Me Know
    Let Me Know  11 months ago+31

    Share these awesome facts with your friends !

  • Sharpdressedvan
    Sharpdressedvan 11 months ago+232

    Interesting content, but the distracting computer voice once again ruins good videos like these....

  • Mary Devling
    Mary Devling 11 months ago+132

    I had one as a kid 50+ years ago named Bradley. He was at least 35 pounds. His favorite game was my mom telling him to wake me up. He would run as fast as he could and land on my sleeping body. She could have done the same thing with a baseball bat.

  • Chris Strouse
    Chris Strouse 11 months ago+80

    Vikings in the 1700s? More like 700s

  • Mortiky Jones
    Mortiky Jones 11 months ago+58

    might weight up to 18libs, ha ha, how about 29lbs?

  • Jens Bråkenhielm
    Jens Bråkenhielm 11 months ago+41

    Wrong cats, robotic voice. Nahhh..

  • Zen Dragon
    Zen Dragon 3 months ago+21

    dude.. several of your pictures are of Norwegian forest cats.. not Maine coons.... check the face shape and consistent hair length...

  • KSW
    KSW 9 months ago+39

    The cats are great. Some of the info is a large warm pile. Marie Antoinette in America? Vikings in the 1700’s? Have heard of rewriting history,but this is absurd.

  • Tom Fisher
    Tom Fisher 6 months ago+13

    Nice, but Vikings in the 1700's. Yeah those pesky Vikings were constantly raiding towns in colonial New England. Perhaps it was a slip of the bot's tongue. Ouch!

  • Guided Meditation
    Guided Meditation 10 months ago+19

    The best cats in the world. No doubt about it with no hesitation.

  • Bathysphere
    Bathysphere 10 months ago+36

    Interesting. But, the computer voice narration is very annoying.

  • klaus günther
    klaus günther 11 months ago+17

    26 is not the oldest cat. Some Go over 30 years!

  • Bob Miller
    Bob Miller 9 months ago+3

    There were no Vikings in the 1700s! Geez!

  • Mary McKinney
    Mary McKinney 10 months ago+5

    what's that crazy broad doing to that cat at the end of the video?

  • Marvelous Pets
    Marvelous Pets 5 months ago+1

    [OMG!|WoW!|Amesome!] Love these [adorable|sweet|cute|cuddly] kittens

  • Patsy Stone
    Patsy Stone 6 months ago+2

    Watch this with no sound...just pics. Love MC cats. Just love cats...my Samson is mostly MC...hes a rescue.

  • watchman on the wall
    watchman on the wall 7 months ago+1

    My male is 23 lbs with thick, heavy bone structure

  • Sue Collins
    Sue Collins 10 months ago+13

    I heard a lovely story about a MC. He was owned by a trapper and then he got injured and have his front leg amputated. The trapper was worried because the cat had been an awesome hunter and he was afraid the cat would become depressed so he carved a prosthetic out of wood and strapped it on. To his amazement the cat kept on hunting and bringing g the rabbits home. So one day he followed the cat. The cat wad ambushing the rabbits, jumping on them and beating them to death with the wooden leg. Dunno if it's true but there it is.

  • Robert Taylor
    Robert Taylor 10 months ago+5

    We have 3 now....
    Loki, 6yo, brown tabby, a tad over 12kg, big/heavy set frame, the serious one!
    Thor, 5yo, black smoke/white mix, 11kg, longer body and has a tail that goes on for days, the curious one!
    Siggy, 3.5yo, black n white tuxey, 7.5kg, she's more fur than cat and the clown!
    ....originally a dog person, I sought out a reputable breeder and bought loki as a present for my wife after her cat of 16yrs passed away....i fell in love with the breed almost instantly!

  • Trees Cress
    Trees Cress 6 months ago+1

    I have 2 a bro and sis. They’re sooo beautiful and affectionate. I love love mine