Why Does Vladimir Putin Walk So Weird?

  • Published on:  1/12/2018
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  • Today I Found Out 12 months ago

    And speaking of controversial leaders with odd mannerisms, did you know Kim Jong-Il's real name was Yuri Irsenovich Kim? Find out all about it here:https://www.betapchoi.com/video/CybP915xKY4/video.html

  • J .S 1 months ago

    KGB training, gun stancethis is old news, no paper needed

  • Zack 2 months ago

    1:31 just pointing out it is "et cetera" not "ek cetera". For an educational series, I thought this was important so you are continued to be seen intellectually.Kudos on the excellent quality, as always ^^

  • Kevin Klika 1 years ago


  • Andrea Ross 2 days ago

    Kevin Klika Right! I was waiting!!!

  • Parker Avery 11 days ago

    Or the Monty Python skit?

  • Teastroyer 6 months ago

    There was one thing missing in this video: a clip how putin walks

  • Bxnkroll 17 days ago

    Right. That's why the channel sucks

  • Sheldon Ford 4 months ago

    Han Lockhart thank you, hell I’ve seen his walk accidentally somewhere on the internet, if you haven’t seen it yourself and this isn’t enough to get you to search it up or imagine it yourself.. then that’s your own damn fault

  • Ishaan Kumar Singh 6 months ago

    Me at 5:00 PM : I am gonna sleep early todayMe at 3:30 AM : *WHY DOES PUTIN WALK SO WEIRD*

  • Sarah Nyb 4 months ago

    @Tucker PerkinsTime zones

  • Raymond Farr 5 months ago

    No it's 11:14 pm

  • Dank Memes 6 months ago

    Its not him walking weird. It is everyone else walking weird.

  • CHIGGS 58TH 3 months ago

    Because he's fat motherf ....

  • ching chong 4 months ago

    I’m now having an existential crisis

  • Robert Brueck 6 months ago

    Putin's still packin don't be fooled.

  • Joshua M. 2 months ago

    Yea, he's packing. A big ol' fat DICK that he is using to ruin Donald Trumps throat

  • Han Lockhart 4 months ago

    He likely is.

  • Control SixtyFour 6 months ago

    surprising, that you would make a video about the weirdness of how somebody walks, and not show a single video clip of it happening..

  • Homie Squid 1 months ago

    @john air Kill yourself I just tried that and it was horrendous.

  • Winnifred Forbes 3 months ago

    Should have been easy enough to find!

  • Gilbert Nolazco 6 months ago

    Why does Kim Jon-un’s belly wiggle when he walks?

  • Phyllis DeVries 3 months ago

    He's got the same gait as trump

  • Winnifred Forbes 3 months ago

    Because he's a swine? Oops! Sorry to insult the swine.

  • Faith Rox 7 months ago

    Isn't it fairly obvious?Putin was a KGB officer, he was most likely trained in concealement of firearms by using a straight arm. There's a famous video on YouTube showing the secret service protecting the POTUS and it's painfully obvious that one of the agents have fake hands, while their right arm is actually inside their long coat holding a firearm straight down.I imagine that Putin has this out of habit like that.

  • tobalt1 3 months ago

    @Faith Rox the video you linked disproves the fake hand, did you not have the attention span to watch it to completion?

  • The Holy Doggo 7 months ago

    I changed this comment, so every single reply makes no sense

  • Cee Deecee 13 days ago


  • NormHeil 21 days ago

    What bird