DIY Ocarina of Time

  • Published on:  1/13/2018
  • In today's video we're sculpting a working clay ocarina! (Disclaimer: Will not change day to night)

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  • Holds W
    Holds W 9 months ago+1516

    I love Zelda AND The King of random!!! 2 in 1!!!!!

  • Hailey Gravelle
    Hailey Gravelle 6 minutes ago

    Ughhhhh how tf did you make it so perfect

  • Jdubb003 Is epic
    Jdubb003 Is epic 3 hours ago

    I think you guys should put molten aluminum in liquid nitrogen if you can thank you :)

  • brooke mickalowski
    brooke mickalowski 4 hours ago

    Where is grant???

  • Yaxiel Diaz
    Yaxiel Diaz yesterday

    At 8:01 it looked like a Smurf' foot

  • Unknown_47
    Unknown_47 yesterday

    The first instrument

  • EyelessWorld
    EyelessWorld yesterday

    Can you make another and look up where to put the holes and actually play a Zelda song?

  • ReaperSnype921
    ReaperSnype921 yesterday

    I actually got a 12-hole ocarina for about $20 on amazon and it sounds great

  • Carolyn Mea Thomas Candlish

    Hey guys I've just had an idea what if you melt Jolly ranchers and then put them in drop them into liquid nitrogen if this gets 100 likes can we please do this can you please do this

  • Shibe
    Shibe 2 days ago

    Anyone else now it's pronounced ock-ah-ree-na

  • Mr. Snrub Hacks
    Mr. Snrub Hacks 2 days ago

    4:58 omega seed

  • David D. Stanton
    David D. Stanton 3 days ago

    Yeah you can get the hole. Layout on the Ocarina network

  • David D. Stanton
    David D. Stanton 3 days ago

    Upside down...

  • David D. Stanton
    David D. Stanton 3 days ago

    Oc-a-rina like Octopus not O-carina

  • M E A T B A L L M U S I C MAN

    Make an ocarina that can play gerudo valley

  • kissing88
    kissing88 3 days ago

    Haha nice video, but ceramic ocarinas are a well-established musical instrument. Great effort for being able to get a playable one made :)

  • William Lofts
    William Lofts 3 days ago


  • brenda elizabeth lagos

    mencantan las ocarinas

  • SquishyyGhost
    SquishyyGhost 4 days ago

    What annoyed me during this video was the fact for the holes he didn't look up a reference image of an ocarina to see where the holes should go

  • THE/unstopable_0ne 1

    When he held it up it looked like the mega seed from rick and Morty ep 1