Every Console In One Box - The Origin Big O



  • Wasil Qayyum
    Wasil Qayyum 1 months ago+12708

    Dad: Son, you’ve been a good boy, you can buy one gaming device.
    Son: Say no more...

  • JvdenFN
    JvdenFN 14 days ago+1199

    Friend: what console do you use?
    Me: yes

  • R3nder 19
    R3nder 19 14 days ago+455

    What we hear
    Me: big o
    My parents: big no

  • Heart of Fire
    Heart of Fire 14 days ago+395

    Gamer dad: Hey son what do you want for Christmas?
    Gamer son: I want the big o
    Gamer dad: sells his son to get the big o for himself

  • STAR lord
    STAR lord 14 days ago+620

    If I buy everything separately with 4K TV and 4K monitor, I will still save 10 Grand

  • Blitzkragen
    Blitzkragen 1 months ago+14325

    Looks like something you'll find at Area 51.

  • Spoonman
    Spoonman 21 days ago+326

    Me: How much does it cost?
    Seller: Probably everything you have.
    Me: Hands over family.

  • Huey Freeman
    Huey Freeman yesterday+9

    They're kind of late with next gen consoles officially being talked about.

  • Fran Agosta
    Fran Agosta 21 days ago+388

    Me: So, what games does it runs?
    Origin PC: Yes.

  • chirag mohanty
    chirag mohanty yesterday+4

    I can't afford this even after selling my kidneys 🙂
    (edit - OMG I can't believe that's too many likes ❤️)
    👍 5k 👎5 💬500

  • Roverfield
    Roverfield 1 months ago+2297

    So you’re saying you were able to combine all the infinity stones?

  • iaan powell255
    iaan powell255 2 days ago+6

    So convince me why I should buy this because I already have all three of them

  • Kamryn C.
    Kamryn C. 14 days ago+118

    Xbox fanboi: XBOX IS BETTER
    PS4 fanboi: NO PS4 BETTER
    Switch fanboi: NO SWITCH IS BETTER
    Pc fanboi: PC MASTER RACE
    Me: 4:56

  • faiz fiderli
    faiz fiderli 14 days ago+109

    Every gamers : argues about the best gaming system
    The big o : allow me to introduce myself

  • Micah Hyde
    Micah Hyde 7 days ago+77

    Big O: I fear no man
    Minecraft explosions: glitches
    Big O: but that thing scares me

  • Cameron Pires
    Cameron Pires 1 months ago+2026

    Brings to gamestop
    “The most we can give is 3.29$”

  • 2Pro Soul
    2Pro Soul 14 days ago+77

    The Video title supposed to be:

  • RickSwave AR
    RickSwave AR yesterday+2

    Do all the Consoles run at the same time? Can you individually turn them off?
    Can you insert CD?

  • Godrole 2
    Godrole 2 7 days ago+36

    What’s your power bill for this pc?

  • Soso Plays
    Soso Plays 21 days ago+73

    Me: I wish I had a mouse for my laptop that probably can't even run minecraft