Pete Davidson On SMD Special and Love of Kid Cudi

  • Published on:  10/25/2016
  • SNL's Pete Davidson chats about his upcoming Comedy Central Special, his love of Kid Cudi and how his music saved his life, getting anxiety on social media, Lil Yatchy being terrible and much ore with The Breakfast Club.► Don’t forget to click the Subscribe button to be notified of new interviews!► Tune In For Live Interviews At► Check us out on Facebook:► Twitter: Follow us, We’ll Follow you!► Yep, We’re on Instagram: #BreakfastClub


  • fupa lord
    fupa lord a years ago+2162

    First time seeing Charlemagne not hate a white person

  • backto1960
    backto1960 2 years ago+3145

    You can always tell when Charlamagne likes a guy. He sits there blushing in his new skin tone and hanging on the dude's every word.

  • Zgamer7
    Zgamer7 2 years ago+2634

    The amount of lives CuDi saved is unbelievable..

  • Dolphin
    Dolphin 2 years ago+659

    "if you're 25 and under, i truely believe kid cudi prob saved your life"
    pete, your the real MVP

  • Moses Ssebandeke
    Moses Ssebandeke 2 years ago+1735

    Pete is 100 % right about kid cudi.

  • Jaii Rela
    Jaii Rela 2 years ago+1911

    He seems older than 22.

  • MegaLacedup
    MegaLacedup 2 years ago+939

    It's true. Cudi truly saved people's lives with his music & it sucks he's battling with depression cause he's such a talented artist/human being

  • Taibatha House
    Taibatha House a years ago+251

    Its sad that the people that bring us the most laughter are the ones who go thru the worst depression.

  • Nat Turner
    Nat Turner 2 years ago+1019

    Nice to hear somebody give Cudi credit

  • Dennis Walker
    Dennis Walker 2 years ago+1221

    Does anybody else think he is hella attractive

  • Julie D
    Julie D 2 years ago+451

    He sounded like he was gna cry while talking about Cudi. That's true connection

  • Jake Benbrook
    Jake Benbrook 2 years ago+458

    to see a famous person say all the things the Cudi fans want to say to everyone, but can't, because they don't have a platform that'll reach everyone is awesome. It's like he's speaking for countless people. Thanks Pete.

  • Classiq Opinions
    Classiq Opinions 2 years ago+718

    I didn't realize sooooooo many people like Cudi....I loved man on the moon but i didn't realize so many love him.........He did seem to influence this generation

  • Mell Bell
    Mell Bell a years ago+960

    "There wouldn't be Drake without cudi" YES.

  • michael turner
    michael turner 2 years ago+324

    I love how Pete keeps ignoring Envy when he tells him he can't cuss and does it anyways.

  • gaberod
    gaberod 2 years ago+445

    Pete ignored the Don't curse on the radio , haha that was great !

  • Henry Daniel
    Henry Daniel 2 years ago+553

    Is it me or does Envy pick and choose who he want to tell not to curse on the radio

  • Kkay Barb
    Kkay Barb 2 years ago+181

    Finally a comedian who gets interviewed who is actually funny

  • MiraBira
    MiraBira 2 years ago+155

    Its refreshing to see celebrities who seem so down to earth. He's just as weird and anxious as the rest of us lol

  • Angela A.
    Angela A. 2 years ago+328

    charlamagne is real for that hug