Stray Kids "MIROH" M/V



  • Nasrul Zaffrey (Mar 25, 2019)

    Do you like Stray Kids?Yes:LikeNo:Comment

  • Patrick Stephen (1 hour ago)

    +It’s Just Kenya then why are you here?

  • PurpleFoxyGamer (4 hours ago)

    I don't like stray kids......I'm psycho about stray kids

  • Jeremy Abanco (4 days ago)

    Thank u for STAYS who patiently streamed FANCY MV. Now, I will ask ONCES to stream My Pace road to 70M

  • A.E Senorita (May 18, 2019)

    I hate the fact tht people still sleeping on these talented boys. Ughh

  • Prince Twanabasu (8 hours ago)

    Don't worry they've started to gain recognization since this comeback.✌️✌️

  • im becky (19 hours ago)

    korea is sleeping on them in the US and Europe they’re rlly popular

  • Awe Someness (4 days ago)

    Out of all the kpop bg i know, only stray kids have the most 101% relatable songs. It's like your having a very soulful connection while listening to them. THIS IS THE REAL TALENT. I feel bad for those who don't stan them yet.

  • Awe Someness (20 minutes ago)

    Yes right! Am so proud of them

  • PurpleFoxyGamer (4 hours ago)


  • uwu namk00k (May 18, 2019)

    40 million ✊🏻❤️up to 50 million now!! We can do ittt

  • JITZU ZONE (Mar 25, 2019)

    *Stray Kids* : I'M OKAY*Stay* : WeLL wE aRe noT OKAY

  • QianaLikesKpop :D (3 days ago)

    JITZU ZONE especially me! My wrist kinda hurts tbh

  • Atalia Carrillo (3 days ago)

    jajajajajaja dxdxdxdxdxdxd

  • Kkami Neko (6 days ago)

    Stray Kids?Yes, the group with 9 vocals, 9 rappers, 9 visuals, 9 dancers

  • Jiminizor (1 hour ago)

    +8 tall men😂 creds to jisungtears on ig

  • Habriko tf u mean he is a one fine peace of candy

  • stray freckles (5 days ago)

    The kpop fandom would feel so empty without stray kids tbh... I can't imagine what would it be like without their talents and charisma.

  • Bom Likar (May 18, 2019)

    Slowly but surely they are gonna be really very big

  • Kadia yt (5 days ago)

    Str3aming guys this amazing song. Let's give these guys 100m v.