• Published on:  11/20/2018
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  • Rosanna Pansino
    Rosanna Pansino  9 months ago+10453

    I hope you enjoy this video! What are you doing this week??? 😊💕

  • iJustine
    iJustine 9 months ago+13760

    I THOUGHT I WAS YOUR BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stella ray
    stella ray 7 months ago+862

    who's here from ryland's video? x

  • Deanna Findlay
    Deanna Findlay 8 months ago+392

    People ask for yearssssss for Ro to open up her life and she does and you all are this rude

  • Amelie Mews
    Amelie Mews 8 months ago+1311

    PLEASE STOP with the rude comments. They are happy and that’s all that matters. I do see the chemistry and love. Happy for you and thanks for sharing this part of your life with us

  • Infestedapple
    Infestedapple 5 months ago+190

    Only real starcraft fans know who husky is.

  • Monica Martinez
    Monica Martinez 9 months ago+2772

    Anyone else thought Ro’s boyfriend was gonna be a buff, muscular, brown haired fitness guy? 😅😂

  • PGeorge 1
    PGeorge 1 8 months ago+407


  • Michelle Carr
    Michelle Carr 7 months ago+340

    Came from Rylands channel

  • B b
    B b 8 months ago+139

    H TO USKY HUSKY!!!!! DUDE!!! I MISS YOUR VIDEOS! I grew up watching them. I wish you would do a random starcraft video just for old time sakes! I am glad that you two are doing great

  • Bea Badjar
    Bea Badjar 9 months ago+547

    If they broke up, there would be problems.

  • Liyah Orange
    Liyah Orange 9 months ago+3055

    It's like winter sitting next to Autumn

  • prettykitty345
    prettykitty345 8 months ago+192

    I just want to say something about the making the bed thing. I have depression and one of the best things I ever read was that you should always make your bed in the morning because no matter how the day goes after that, you at least got one thing done. I found that very powerful and it has stuck with me to this day. Because there could be bad days where I do nothing and don't leave the house but at least I made the bed. Love you guys keep up the good work! <3

  • Tri Monster
    Tri Monster 8 months ago+96

    I can't believe he actually bought her a billboard after this video!

  • Maria Silvani
    Maria Silvani 8 months ago+67


  • Royal Queen
    Royal Queen 8 months ago+239

    4:40 that’s literally me with my girlfriend. “Please, keep talking about me”

  • Husky
    Husky 9 months ago+4224

    Hi everyone 🙋🏼‍♂️! This video was so much fun! Rosanna is the sweetest, kindest, most honest, and hardest working person I've ever met.
    Would you like to see us together in any other videos?

  • Maggie Delnoce
    Maggie Delnoce 8 months ago+194

    Your guy's ship name is the coolest! You're Mike and Ro, so it could be Micro! 😱 Also, it makes me think of American Pickers because one of the main guys' names is Mike Rowe. 😁

  • Sarah Luber
    Sarah Luber 8 months ago+127

    I was waiting for a kiss that never came. Also, Ro was blushing so hard, it was adorable. I do that when I even think about my boyfriend.

  • Mathieu Morin
    Mathieu Morin 6 months ago+69

    why remove all the old husky star-craft video ?
    :/ i miss those days getting home from school super exsited to see if huskey cast a new video.
    yet again nothing great last for ever.