Officials Investigating Hawaii Missile False Alarm | NBC News

  • Published on:  1/14/2018
  • The governor of Hawaii and the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency are investigating how false alert about a missile was sent during a shift change.
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    Officials Investigating Hawaii Missile False Alarm | NBC News


  • glersh nern
    glersh nern 8 months ago

    are Hawaiians Asian or native American? they look very both'ish

  • Living History School
    Living History School 9 months ago

    Fake News... planned all the way to see how people would react.

  • DeathTrooper404
    DeathTrooper404 9 months ago+1

    You need 2 people and 2 keys turned at the same time... there is no "accidentally pressing a button"... there was a missile inbound but it was shot down... they're just covering it up to prevent further panic.

  • David Summers
    David Summers 9 months ago

    Oops I did it again! No only did this happen in Hawaii, Korea's most likely first choice for a nuclear missile attack, but also in Hawaii, just a couple days later. Wouldn't Japan be another likely target for a Korean missile strike? Yes, it would seem some secrets are being kept. Drills?
    Probably. Real missiles? Possibly. Accident? Unlikely.

  • tricky dick yes
    tricky dick yes 9 months ago

    They sure are pushing really hard to drive everybody crazy and Confused!

  • Xtiana F
    Xtiana F 9 months ago

    Clinton’s were in Hawaii at the time.

  • Eric Lee
    Eric Lee 9 months ago

    lol,funny/mean joke

  • Hubert Pawelec
    Hubert Pawelec 9 months ago

    True history of Poland:

  • At Bz
    At Bz 9 months ago

    What was that noise at 1:12?

  • 952Kerbear
    952Kerbear 9 months ago

    At least someone is big enough to take blame.

  • Thick Shaft Wiener Nuts

    don't use iPhone.

  • Sad Hoshi
    Sad Hoshi 9 months ago+1

    Oopsie Poopsie

  • PauIa Deen
    PauIa Deen 9 months ago


  • Jason Penn
    Jason Penn 9 months ago+1

    They need a better system design. There should be a special fortune cookie in a vault requiring two pin codes next to the operators. Enter the pins, smash the cookie, enter the cookie's code to send the message, then go find a basement to hide in. Bonus points if the fortune cookie code is something ironic, like "I bet today will be a blast."

  • M3RK Jay
    M3RK Jay 9 months ago

    Hes hiding something

  • GTR Wendy
    GTR Wendy 9 months ago+4

    They got CNNed

  • DexterHunter 91
    DexterHunter 91 9 months ago

    I won’t be surprised if they or whoever lost their job!!!!!! That’s what you get. I was going to blame the hackers but I don’t know yet if I’m going to

  • aj12
    aj12 9 months ago+2

    Nah they were seeing how people would react to a situation like that. Bet they blame some random dude too.

  • Nohea Carreira
    Nohea Carreira 9 months ago+3

    I I am of Hawaiian descent by 50% the fact that that second man took responsibility for his actions completely shows that most of any other Americans / country in this world Representatives wouldn't even stand to take the accountability for something they have done wrong even though it may have been chains of chains below them that man still took accountability for something that his team slash people he looks over as his responsibility that's what are Hawaiian culture are Polynesian culture are Samoan culture stands for we take pride in our actions when we succeed and we take pride and understanding when we fail in admitting it f*** any of you guys I want to hate my post that is fine but I take great pride in the fact that man took responsibility for not only his actions but the actions of the people that he looks over

  • joshuafyi anderson
    joshuafyi anderson 9 months ago

    Watch this