Officials Investigating Hawaii Missile False Alarm | NBC News

  • Published on:  1/14/2018
  • The governor of Hawaii and the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency are investigating how false alert about a missile was sent during a shift change.» Subscribe to NBC News:» Watch more NBC video: News is a leading source of global news and information. Here you will find clips from NBC Nightly News, Meet The Press, and original digital videos. Subscribe to our channel for news stories, technology, politics, health, entertainment, science, business, and exclusive NBC investigations.Connect with NBC News Online!Visit NBCNews.Com: NBC News on Facebook: NBC News on Twitter: NBC News on Google+: NBC News on Instagram: NBC News on Pinterest: Investigating Hawaii Missile False Alarm | NBC News


  • MrMnmn911 1 years ago

    I think someone is gonna get a very bad review on their next employee evaluation.

  • Buzz LightBeer 1 years ago

    Hawaii doesn't fire government workers unless they did something wrong on purpose

  • Kitty Midnight 1 years ago

    More like fired. lol

  • Mike 1 years ago

    There isnt a "button" a software program that you would have to log onto and select message then have to press confirm send at least once

  • Shelby Jean 1 years ago

    I smell something fishy

  • Buzz LightBeer 1 years ago


  • MoonGlow 1 years ago can it be an accident? The Emergency Alert system even with NO failsafe wouldn't automatically select "Incoming Ballistic Missile" There are multiple warnings that MUST be selected. Storms; Tidal Waves; Earthquake; Volcanic Eruption and so on. Why would only "Ballistic Missile" get sent out over the air! NO MISTAKE Tell us the real reason the STATE did this!!!

  • /R/The_Donald 1 years ago

    Could it be NK launched a missile into the sea of japan.... Hmmmmmmm

  • Abnovelists 1 years ago

    MoonGlow They were hacked

  • We found out the name of the person that did it: Logan Paul, he said it was just a prank bro. So we're all good.

  • So-glassin-son -05 1 years ago

    I I am of Hawaiian descent by 50% the fact that that second man took responsibility for his actions completely shows that most of any other Americans / country in this world Representatives wouldn't even stand to take the accountability for something they have done wrong even though it may have been chains of chains below them that man still took accountability for something that his team slash people he looks over as his responsibility that's what are Hawaiian culture are Polynesian culture are Samoan...

  • The Dealer 1 years ago

    Nohea Carreira Yeah who ever did it, I am still shocked to see someone take the blame on this in this day an age. Washington DC should take notes.

  • aj12 1 years ago

    Nah they were seeing how people would react to a situation like that. Bet they blame some random dude too.

  • Ming Song 1 years ago

    Even governor looks like on vacation.

  • Pawlo 1 years ago

    an "error" was madeIt was probably a test... they had done it before

  • Specter 1 years ago

    I'm so distrusting that I still think they just don't want to admit they were hacked.

  • BBB 1 years ago

    It’s sad that dad took his life because he thought it was all over anyways

  • Fire Water 1 years ago

    Bomberman tf?