Big sister reflexes

  • Published on:  1/12/2018


  • Erich Braasch 1 years ago

    Why save your sibling when you could be saving 15% or more on car insurance by switching to GEICO?

  • MineBoom 1 years ago

    What the hell!?

  • This Little Critic 1 years ago

    Love when non-youtubers make it on trending

  • FunForSameer 1 years ago

    This is what I like to see on the trending page. Not fake news and people recording dead bodies..

  • Buzznutyear 1 years ago

    FunForSameer I'd rather see dead bodies

  • Danny F 1 years ago

    It would be a boring youtube if this is all we had

  • shiguu 1 years ago

    My sibling would let me fall to the ground and laugh in my face

  • Asia 1 years ago

    potato waffles same

  • Steve Hernandez 1 years ago

    Doll Life it's ok, come out of the closet.

  • CMO Vlogs 1 years ago

    This right here is the raw unedited brilliance of YouTube, normal everyday content and not the over commercialised stuff.

  • NotSure 1 years ago

    you've been on youtube since 2007 or even earlier and still dont have adblocker?

  • Cheerful chibi 1 years ago

    That doorknob is ridiculously close to the ground....Oh and she caught the baby, nice!

  • Cheerful chibi 1 years ago

    Mike Honcho XD LOL

  • Cheerful chibi 1 years ago

    Adam Droge well that makes me happy lol!

  • Sana Hussain 1 years ago

    Give it a few months and her and the baby will end up on Ellen and they’ll leave with a life time supply of helmets

  • D Storm 1 years ago

    Plus some pro-lesbian propaganda...

  • Abdu Ugas 1 years ago


  • Hot Take, Babe 1 years ago

    My big sister’s reflex is to drop me lol

  • Lin Kue 1 years ago

    You have 666 likes 😐

  • BeknuR Tolebaev 1 years ago

    Catlily Holmes и рпХ

  • You want to see how quick the girls in Birmingham move when you drop your wallet.

  • Vozhan 1 years ago

    Me Thanks for clarifying.

  • Crypto Jatz 1 years ago

    Why is there 2k dislikes! There was literally nothing wrong with this video, no politics, discrimination, opinions, music, fans or anything: just innocent siblings!!!