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  • Published on:  7/9/2019
  • The Daily Show looks back at the wildest recent animal news, including a tiger left in an abandoned house, a dog that can do CPR and a pair of gay lions.Subscribe to The Daily Show: Follow The Daily Show:Twitter: full episodes of The Daily Show for free: Comedy Central:Twitter: The Daily Show:Trevor Noah and The World's Fakest News Team tackle the biggest stories in news, politics and pop culture.The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.


  • Cristina Huilar
    Cristina Huilar 1 months ago+526

    "liking cats doesn't make you sympathetic, it makes you every lonely person on Instagram."
    Who hurt you??? 😂😂😂

  • Stephanie Leigh
    Stephanie Leigh 1 months ago+472

    that Australian accent got me WHEEZING

  • Cristina Huilar
    Cristina Huilar 1 months ago+263

    "that tiger ruined those people's high" 😂😂😂

  • Kindell K.A
    Kindell K.A 1 months ago+432

    0:18 'Animals. They are cute, they are cuddly and some times they even pass legislation'...😂😂😂😂

  • The Great and Mighty Goddess Aqua

    McConnell is part turtle
    Trump is part orangutan
    Cruz is part rat
    And they say the Republican party has a lack of diversity. HAH!

  • quest 77051
    quest 77051 1 months ago+127

    these lions needs counseling...HAAAA LOLOL....I CAN'T BREATH LOLOL.

  • Nikolai Moore
    Nikolai Moore 1 months ago+65

    Well, my fellow gays, we've officially done it. We have CORRUPTED THE LIONS. Step 3 of the Gay Agenda is complete.

  • Fauler Perfektionist
    Fauler Perfektionist 1 months ago+141

    "These animals need counseling, because probably they have been influenced by gays who have gone to the national parks and behaved badly."
    Oh, good god! 🤦

  • Fauler Perfektionist
    Fauler Perfektionist 1 months ago+56

    "You're not gonna believe this, but something really strange happened in Florida."
    😲 No!

  • Elijah Elisha
    Elijah Elisha 1 months ago+353

    Daily dose of Trevor Noah. Taken right before bedding

  • Kevyn Tavares
    Kevyn Tavares 1 months ago+234

    What kind of weed is this lmao

  • Cristina Huilar
    Cristina Huilar 1 months ago+148

    "no way that guy lives but it's so cute!" 😂😂😂😂

  • Pizza pizza pizza
    Pizza pizza pizza 1 months ago+80

    The whale was an american spy, Trump said he had met the prince of Whales, and it was found near Russia

  • Evan Fields
    Evan Fields 1 months ago+68

    Spy Dolphin?
    My name is James....
    ....James Beluga

  • Tesayeke
    Tesayeke 22 hours ago+1

    Could you adjust the volume right? One is too loud, another is too quiet? The daily show is like Last Week Tonight with a cheap-rip off graphic and behind the scene people.

  • First Name, Surname
    First Name, Surname yesterday+1

    I can’t he didn’t believe he didn’t talk about India claiming that Pakistan sent a spy pigeon in them

  • Kaitlyn Brown
    Kaitlyn Brown 1 months ago+161

    "Why are they auctioning off the killer bird?" 😂 this whole bit was great.

  • The Great and Mighty Goddess Aqua

    A crazy day in Florida is if nothing crazy is happening in Florida.

  • gillian bush
    gillian bush 1 months ago+132

    this was not what i was expecting but i’m here for jungle trevor

  • gracious msoo
    gracious msoo 1 months ago+65

    My kenyan people had a good laugh and lots of memes .Ezekiel is batshit crazy don't mind him