Rep. Tlaib: We know this is who Trump is

  • Published on:  7/15/2019
  • Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) responds to President Trump's racist tweets directed her and her colleagues, calling it "a continuation of his racist and xenophobic playbook."


  • Lee Dexter
    Lee Dexter 1 months ago+16

    You don't like you can leave.

  • Eric Decamps
    Eric Decamps 1 months ago+50

    Look at the hate on her face. That thing is scary.

  • krion of Laguna
    krion of Laguna 1 months ago+18

    All hail the queen of the ANTIFA.

  • Jeffrey van de Ketterij
    Jeffrey van de Ketterij 1 months ago+42

    Ulta Left- We tell u what to do and what to say.
    You dont agree?
    Ur a racist!

  • Oli
    Oli 1 months ago+20

    CNN needs to fire Brian Karem after he disgraced himself at the white house. No self respecting professional would ever act that way in public.

  • Geoff Parker
    Geoff Parker 1 months ago+20

    They had a press conference over a tweet????

  • Yin Liu
    Yin Liu 1 months ago+71

    Labeling someone as a Racist does not work anymore. Find some new terminology.

  • Brian Scholl
    Brian Scholl 1 months ago+32

    CNN...The Clown News Network. They should be on pay per view on the Comedy channel..hahaha!!

  • uncle Ricky
    uncle Ricky 1 months ago+30


  • vrnc M
    vrnc M 1 months ago+8

    This is "racist"...AOC is less intelligent than the other 3 but she gets more likes 👍 because she is prettier than the other 3.

  • Bryan Halstead
    Bryan Halstead 1 months ago+31

    And we know exactly who you are

  • Anthony Marici
    Anthony Marici 1 months ago+56

    And we know who you destroyers of Western Civilization are.

  • Ranger13
    Ranger13 1 months ago+10

    From Russia with love.

  • Manhattan One
    Manhattan One 1 months ago+10

    Dont let the door hit you on the way out.

  • freedom fighter
    freedom fighter 1 months ago+27

    ZioNazi PLOT is to destroy America same they did to Germany...divide to conquers ZioNazi PLOT .

  • Jose Luis Morales
    Jose Luis Morales 1 months ago+11

    The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have bad ideas but it doesn't make me racist. We are only attacking your ideas not racist

  • Richard Clark
    Richard Clark 1 months ago+32

    How did any of these knuckleheads make it through college , when all they can do, is repeat the same 6 words in every speech ???

  • Rory Murray
    Rory Murray 1 months ago+16

    She doesn't represent her constituents.
    They all have Voter's Remorse.

  • Michael Kendzior
    Michael Kendzior 1 months ago+4

    Its only getting worse unfortunately there will be blood shed. This infestation of scumbags into political power will be their undoing. Keep with the facts, their scumbags

  • Alex P
    Alex P 1 months ago+6

    Cillizza and the rest are gonna defend Donald. CNN is a sorry excuse for the free press.