Fresh Market Meat and Cheese Extravaganza in Rome, Italy

  • Published on:  1/13/2018
  • We just went to the market here in Trastevere Rome, and we have lots of gorgeous meats, cheeses, veg, and wine that we’ll be having for lunch. Come join us for a LiveStream and we’ll show you what it’s all about!

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  • SSFandomLove
    SSFandomLove 16 days ago

    Who else clicked the video because of the thumbnail and thought it would be a tour of the fresh market? 🤣 I watched three ads in full before finally clueing in that it is just a video of them eating inside the apartment 🤣🤣🤣

  • Louise Hung
    Louise Hung 2 months ago

    I enjoy this video so much!! this is the travel style i like...and..u guys seriously can eat lots god

  • Victor Lui
    Victor Lui 3 months ago


  • Jon Pulicicchio
    Jon Pulicicchio 3 months ago

    I missed the live cast. Bummer. I agree with you Simon. Eating items from local merchants is the way to go. Plus you have the experience gathering the different food stuffs.

  • Travis Bull
    Travis Bull 3 months ago

    I would be so fat if I lived there

  • Kattra Blake
    Kattra Blake 3 months ago

    Here is my advice to would be teachers don't teach in the US in less you like being under made over worked and feeling like the things are never going to change because politicians are assholes

  • Sherry Osinga
    Sherry Osinga 3 months ago

    That tomato motz salad is begging for that olive oil!

  • *Sabina-Lyra*
    *Sabina-Lyra* 4 months ago

    Did you film the sights? pasta + garlic bread with wine, and cheeses + wine, dessert - - and I'll regain some kilos, sounds like the go! Lol to the handsome grey haired dude. Some go grey prematurely, poor s.o.b's ^_^';; did you film the shoppe they were from you could always upload it if so.

  • DiscoBennny
    DiscoBennny 4 months ago

    So we’re leaving for Rome tomorrow... SOOOO EXCITED!!! This is my 4th time watching this video this past week, LOL! Thanks so much, freakin LOVE you guys ever since the Korea days!
    BTW: SIMON!!! For YEARS I have made the “wrong em-PHA-sis” joke for years and no one ever gets it... I was ROLLING when you said that! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Level Up
    Level Up 5 months ago

    Why am I watching this when I'm waiting for a pizza? (I'm so hungry)

  • Cherry Cat
    Cherry Cat 6 months ago

    53:09 Simon really "cut the cheese" for everyone. xD

  • Annabel Morimoto
    Annabel Morimoto 6 months ago

    Wearing white shirts as you guys drink wine... you guys live on the edge. I love it.

  • Jen Lewis
    Jen Lewis 6 months ago

    great great GREAT video! Never been to Italy and your videos make me salivate--errr, I mean, want to visit! Thanks for sharing your travels! :)

  • Jay Emilee Han
    Jay Emilee Han 6 months ago

    I must say this; when in Rome~
    Btw - Martina, Simon stole your food at 52:12 xD

  • Eudaemonius MarkII
    Eudaemonius MarkII 6 months ago

    Delish! And what a fun meal to share with everyone!

  • Emily
    Emily 6 months ago

    I'm sure someone's already commented this, but ciao means both hello and goodbye in Italian. The difference is based on context.

  • Nani Panda
    Nani Panda 6 months ago

    try different cheese with fig mustard and your red wine......

  • Nani Panda
    Nani Panda 6 months ago

    Si, Arigaatoo 💁🏼

  • Amelia Marshall
    Amelia Marshall 7 months ago

    Going to Italy this week, will be in Rome for a few days nest week, can't wait to try out some of the places you have suggested in your other video

  • Ana S
    Ana S 7 months ago

    You guys are now making me want to move to Italy