DIY CARNIVAL TREATS! - Rosanna Pansino

  • Published on:  7/14/2018
  • Today I made 3 of my favorite Carnival Foods in celebration of Escape the Night Season 3!MERCH: ► MY PREVIOUS VIDEO ► ESCAPE THE NIGHT: **NEW COOKBOOK**: MY BAKING LINE: NUMMIES COOKBOOK: ME ON:Facebook: rosannapansinoWebsite: Ears* (1) cup all purpose flour* (1) teaspoon baking powder* (1⁄2) teaspoon salt* (1⁄4) teaspoon ground cinnamon* (1) tablespoon sugar* (1) tablespoon cold butter* (1⁄4) cup warm water* (2) tablespoons warm milk* (5 to 6) cups of vegetable oil, for fryingTopping* (1⁄2) cup sugar* (4) teaspoons ground cinnamonJalapeño Poppers* (8) jalapeños* (4) ounces cream cheese, room temperature 1⁄2 cup shredded pepper jack cheese* Juice of 1 lime* (1⁄2) teaspoon onion powder* (1⁄4) teaspoon garlic powder* Salt and pepper to taste* (1⁄2) cup all purpose flour* (1⁄4) teaspoon ground smoked paprika* (1) large egg* (1⁄4) cup milk* (3⁄4) cup breadcrumbsKettle Corn* (2) teaspoons coconut oil* (1⁄4) cup popcorn kernels* (3) tablespoons granulated sugar* (1⁄2) teaspoon sea salt--------------------------------------------------------------------------This is not a sponsored video. All products purchased by me.Thanks for watching! Subscribe for more videos.


  • Arman Baghgedjian
    Arman Baghgedjian a years ago +99

    I know I'm commenting this again but PLEASEEEE do a collab with Safiya Nygaard !You guys are my favorite youtubers and you guys would be so funny together!Maybe you should do something harry potter themed lol!Like if you agree so it can happen!

  • Ivette Sanchez
    Ivette Sanchez a years ago+48

    Haha we call elephant ears buñuelos in Mexico , they’re so delicious I could eat 10 of them 🤪

  • Justine Davies
    Justine Davies a years ago+43

    Ro can u make some gluten free snacks because I'm gluten free and not aloud to have that many sweet because of it I don't have gluten free flour when I I've to can u plz help a girl other plz

  • Black Moon
    Black Moon a years ago+191


  • Daisy Days
    Daisy Days a years ago+137

    Elephant ears are called Buñuelos in Mexico 🇲🇽

  • khant ti kyi soe
    khant ti kyi soe a years ago+55

    Am I the only one who have never tried anything of these except kettle corn.

  • Tyler Reality
    Tyler Reality a years ago+15

    I love you and Colleen on escape the Night! You look amazing!

  • Iconic Tea
    Iconic Tea a years ago+16

    What about funnel cake 😢...I love funnel cake so much❤️😍 stay awesome Rosanna

  • John Ross Dela Pena
    John Ross Dela Pena a years ago+13

    She keeps growing and growing. Wishing u more blessings, Ro💖❇

  • Tristen Celeste
    Tristen Celeste a years ago+314

    love carnival food, especially funnel cake

  • Denielle Walsh
    Denielle Walsh a years ago+9

    How does Ro not have a YouTube show about baking yet, like girl get on that 😂

  • Beanie boo Master
    Beanie boo Master a years ago+5

    No elefants harmed in the making of this video

  • Annika Ivy
    Annika Ivy a years ago+4

    Carnival Theme,Awesome just like Escape the Night!Comment who you think is going to survive.I Think Ro,Manny and Joey

  • Midnight Cravings
    Midnight Cravings a years ago+50

    Elephant ears look like Vietnamese hollow donut ( bánh tiêu) minus the sugar 👍

  • Ogopogo WhyCan'tMyLastNameBeRawrXD

    I'm Canadian, so we say Beaver Tails instead of Elephant Ears. There's different flavours like cookies and cream, chocolate chip, and other things.

  • Wyatt Is cool right???
    Wyatt Is cool right??? 5 months ago+4

    👕 this is John,John is 0 lets
    👖see how old he can get

  • Emily Ramirez
    Emily Ramirez 11 months ago+2

    Can I use regular oil instead of coconut oil for the kettle corn?? Also, I love your outfit and red lipstick!!! The background is so cute too!

  • Zahra.T
    Zahra.T a years ago+1

    WHERE IS THE.......

  • TheThing2021
    TheThing2021 a years ago+1

    You should do an alien/predator vs. hunter or a mission impossible treat

  • Rose Novak
    Rose Novak a years ago+196

    YAY I love escape the night 💓