LOL Doll New ClubHouse For Girls - Baby Goldie vs Punk BoiTiti Toys and Dolls
2 days ago
Baby Goldie and her lol surprise besties open up their very own secret clubhouse . It's a barbie Chelsea camper on wheels.
 Airplane ! Elsa and Anna toddlers in Barbie’s plane - vacation tripCome Play With Me
1 months ago
This toys dolls parody video shows Anna and Elsa traveling in Barbie's plane – Barbie is the pilot and flight attendant :) Watch ...
 Barbie Chelsea Stacie New School Morning Routine - Packing lunchbox & Riding School BusTiti Toys and Dolls
5 months ago
Barbie Family School morning routine with Lil sisters Chelsea, Stacie and Skipper. Barbie wakes up her sisters! They brush their ...
 3 Colors Play Doh Ice Cream Cups Barbie Mickey Mouse Toy Story Surprise Toys Kinder Surprise EggsKateVolsh - Baby Joy
2 days ago
New 3 COLORS PLAY-DOH ▷ 🤠 Hello my lovely Play doh & Ice Cream fans! Im streaming Play ...
 Barbie Doll LOL Family Supermarket Shopping - Is Baby Goldie Lost?Titi Toys and Dolls
6 days ago
Lol Baby climbs out of her crib and wakes up her big sister Goldie! Barbie Mommy wants to make yummy breakfast for baby ...
 Barbie Doll Set. DIY for Kids. How to Make Miniature CraftsAmbaFun
5 days ago
New Barbie Doll Set. How to Make Miniature Fashion Set for Barbie Doll. DIY for Kids. Original Barbie Crafts Ideas, In new tutorial ...
 AMAZING Barbie Princess Dress CAKES | Cake Decorating CompilationCakes StepByStep
AMAZING Barbie Princess Dress CAKES | Cake Decorating Compilation Which one do you like the most? Enjoy watching and ...
 "Barbie Dreaming" Official Music Video | Barbie Story Box | Barbie SongBarbie
Sing along to Barbie Story Box's brand new official music video "Barbie Dreaming”! Join Barbie and her friends as they use the ...
 25 DIY Miniature Hacks and Crafts for Barbie! High-heel golden shoesPipeCleanerCrafts B
2 months ago
25 ORIGINAL Barbie hacks. Miniature shoes, DIY miniature earrings, and more! ALL original, all my ideas, new and recent.
 👗 DIY Barbie Dresses with Balloons Easy No Sew Clothes for Barbies | BARBIE DOLL HACKS and CRAFTSPlay Doh Toys For Kids
15 days ago
DIY Barbie Dresses with Balloons Easy No Sew Clothes for Barbies | BARBIE DOLL HACKS and CRAFTS ...
 Two Barbie Doll Two Ken Morning Bedroom Bathroom Routine. Life in a Dream House. Dress up Dolls.Dolls And Toys
3 months ago
Barbie #BarbieVideo #BarbieKen Life in a Dream House full of interesting events. Two Barbie and Two Ken live there. Dolls like ...
 Princess & The Popstar Official Music Video | BarbieBarbie
4 years ago
Rock out to the music video from Barbie™ Princess & the Popstar. Watch more Barbie music videos: ...
 Bug 24 Hours in Giant Barbie Doll HouseLittle Big Toys
29 days ago
Bug bought the biggest 2 story doll house in the world and tried living there with her twin doll .
 BARBIE "The Pearl Princess" full english HDbluebutterfly lunaticfringe
1 years ago
Barbie stars as Lumina, a mermaid who dreams of being a princess. As long as she can remember, she's had a magical power ...
 20 Barbie Hacks and Crafts ~ miniature LIQUID PHONE and more!PipeCleanerCrafts B
2 months ago
Watch the world's tiniest Liquid Phone! 5-minute crafts for Barbie!! pipecleanercrafts b miniature furniture, miniature boots, doll nail ...
1 months ago
BARBIE & KEN Bathroom EVENING ROUTINE Breakfast MORNING ROUTINE Doll HOUSE Barbie Ken Bathroom Bedroom ...
 Barbie girl potty train twins baby dolls | baby potty training twin baby dollJust 4 fUn
2 years ago
Barbie doll potty training twin baby doll. babies go to sleep but cry. twins are sick from chicken pox. barbie babysitter calls doc ...
 Barbie Spy Squad Exclusive 10 Minute Premiere! | Spy Squad | BarbieBarbie
3 years ago
Watch this exclusive 10 minute premiere of Barbie™ Spy Squad! Barbie™ and her best friends Teresa™ and Renee™ transform ...
 Barbie - Best Friend's Big Fight | Ep.212Grace's World
6 days ago
Chelsea is caught in the middle of a fight between her two best friends You can follow me here: Instagram: ...
 If I Lived in Barbie's Dream House!CloeCouture
1 years ago
 14 Fun Barbie Hacks! And More Toy DIY IdeasCrafty Panda
2 months ago
Looking to bring your Barbie back to life?! You came to the right place! We have a bunch of cool and easy DIY tips and tricks on ...
 12 Clever Barbie Hacks And CraftsTroom Troom SELECT
6 months ago
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 Barbie Malibu House 2019!!It's A Toy's Life!
2 days ago
Barbie House! Barbie Malibu House! In this toys dolls parody video, we look at the NEW Barbie Malibu House 2019! There's a ...
 16 Clever Barbie Hacks And CraftsTroom Troom SELECT
12 days ago
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2 months ago
CRAZY COOL IDEAS FOR YOUR DOLLS Hello there, Barbie fans! Today, we are here with a new collection of amazing life hacks ...
 Barbie Wedding Day Morning Barbie Wedding Dress باربي فستان الزفاف Vestido de casamento para BarbieFunFun Toy Doll TV
1 years ago
Barbie doll Wedding Day Morning with Elsa Rapunzel Barbie doll Wedding Dress دمية باربي يوم الزفاف صباح - باربي فستان ...
 9 DIY Miniature Slime Stress Relievers / Clever Barbie Hacks And CraftsTroom Troom
8 days ago
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 10 DIY Barbie Hacks! ~ Makeup Box, Fortnite-themed desk,watermelon slime! and morePipeCleanerCrafts B
1 months ago
10 cool DIY Barbie Hacks! liquid watermelon slime! DIY miniature makeup box, Fortnite-themed desk, LOL-themed backpack for ...
 Barbie and her super fun swimming day with Baby Doll - Play dollsБарбики ТВ
7 days ago
In this video toys dolls Barbie are swim at the pool ! Watch Barbie had a super fun swimming day with the doll ! Boat ride - floaties ...
 Super FLOATIES party ! Elsa and Anna toddlers - pool - Barbie - lazy river - water fun splashCome Play With Me
27 days ago
In this toys dolls parody video Anna and Elsa toddlers are at a super pool party with so many floaties! There a lot of people ! Watch ...
 BARBIE - Pegasus || Full Movie in EnglishLimited toonz
1 years ago
DISCLAIMER all copy rights go to Greg Richardson, Elana Lesser, Cliff Ruby, Mattel, Voice Box Productions & Lions Gate Films ...
 Royal School life of Princess Dolls & Barbie Prinzessin Schule École de princesse boneka BarbieFunFun Toy Doll TV
4 months ago
Princess Dolls & Princess Barbie go to Royal School Das königliche Schulleben von Prinzessinpuppen und Barbie Vie Scolaire ...
 Super Beach day ! Elsa & Anna toddlers - Barbie - sand play - water fun - splash - sunsetCome Play With Me
20 days ago
The vacation continues... In this toys dolls parody video Anna and Elsa toddlers are at the beach ! There are a lot of people on the ...
 LOL Disney Princess Birthday Party with Baby Goldie - Barbie Rapunzel FamilyTiti Toys and Dolls
9 days ago
LOL baby Goldie gets invited to Rapunzel's daughters birthday party! Goldie is really nervous! Punk Boi makes her feel better!
 Barbie - Twin Telepathy Challenge | Ep.205Grace's World
2 months ago
Annabelle and Isabelle find out how well they really know each other in the Twin Telepathy Challenge You can follow me here: ...
 14 Clever Barbie Hacks And CraftsTroom Troom SELECT
1 months ago
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 10 Weird Ways To Sneak Barbie Dolls Into Class / Clever Barbie Hacks And LOL Surprise HacksTroom Troom
1 months ago
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 DIY Barbie Nursery Room ~ Barbie Hacks ~ Pacifier, Baby Bottle, and morePipeCleanerCrafts B
5 days ago
DIY Barbie Nursery Room ~ Barbie Hacks. DIY miniature Pacifier, Baby Bottle, miniature diapers / nappies, baby bed, and more!
 Barbie vs. Ken in a Soccer Challenge | Barbie & Friends | BarbieBarbie
12 days ago
Watch Barbie doll and Ken doll go head-to-head in an exciting soccer challenge! When another player suggests a skills test in the ...
 Breathtaking makeover for your favorite Barbie dollSLICK SLIME SAM - DIY, Comedy, Science for Kids
11 months ago
As Slime Sam is cleaning under the bed, he discovers a box of mysteries (Sue's old toys, actually). And inside this box, our brave ...
 Whisper Challenge… Rematch! | Barbie Vlogs | Episode 87Barbie
21 days ago
Ken and I decided to do a whisper challenge rematch! We forgot to keep score but had a ton of fun. #Barbie #BarbieVlog #PACE ...
 A Dreamhouse Puppy Tale | Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures | BarbieBarbie
13 days ago
Chelsea tells her family a bedtime story about the secret life of their puppies and how they defended the Dreamhouse from two ...
 PETS ! Elsa and Anna toddlers at school - spelling - Barbie is the teacherCome Play With Me
13 days ago
This toys dolls parody video shows Anna and Elsa at school.They have have some surprise pets in the classroom ! Find out what ...
 POOL ! Elsa and Anna toddlers - Barbie - boat ride - floaties - swim - water fun - splashCome Play With Me
1 years ago
In this toys dolls parody video, toddlers Anna and Elsa are at the pool ! Watch them having fun with their friends, Barbie and her ...
 Cutest & easy TOY HACKS ,DIY Barbie Clothes Life Hacks 🤗 Barbie TutorialBarbie Hacks and Toy Crafts
8 days ago
Thank you for watching! , please don't forget like comment and subscribe to my channel for more DIY barbie doll crafts and hack ...
8 days ago
Timestamps 01:35 How to cut bang 01:51 Curls for your Barbie 02:52 How to dye barbie`s hair 04:10 Halloween hairdo for your ...
 Barbie POOL Time! Barbie Family HOTEL Day 2 POOL! HOT TUB!It's A Toy's Life!
7 days ago
Barbie Pool Time! Barbie Family Hotel! In this toys dolls parody video, the Barbie family spend time at the Hotel Pool and Hot tub!
 Diana and Barbie Party✿ Kids Diana Show
7 months ago
Diana organized a Barbie party. Only Barbie Dolls and girls can go there. The boy Roma wanted to go to the party, and changed ...
 Trey is For Horses | Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures | BarbieBarbie
a months ago
When Barbie discovers that Duchess the horse is about to be sold, she and Stacie come up with a plan to impress the horse's ...
DIY MAKING BARBIE DOLL MAKEUP SET FROM MAGNETIC BALLS How to Make Miniature Crafts Description: Making Barbie ...
 Punk Boi & NEW LOL Surprise Boys Wont Play with Baby Goldie! No Girls Allowed!Titi Toys and Dolls
4 days ago
LOL Punk Boi and the new lol surprise boys open their own clubhouse! They fill it with fun toys and treats. But there is one rule!
 Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Theme Song Music Video: Real Doll Remix! | BarbieBarbie
1 months ago
Barbie doll, her sisters and their friends have recreated the official music video from Barbie™ Dreamhouse Adventures! Press play ...
 Barbie Ken baby doll Family Morning Routine Bedroom Bunk Bed Casa boneca House باربي BoramikidstoysJohny Kids Toys TV
11 months ago
Twin Barbie Ken baby doll Family Morning Routine Bedroom Bunk Bed Casa de boneca House pretend play باربي Borami kids ...
 Barbie Pet Shop Japanese Toy Barbie Loja de animais de estimação Brinquedo Tienda de Mascotas BarbieFunFun Toy Doll TV
1 years ago
Barbie Japanese Pet Shop Toy Barbie boneca Loja de animais de estimação Brinquedo دمية باربي محل الحيوانات الأليفة لعبة ...
 LOL Punk Boi Bullies Baby Goldie - Barbie Family School Morning RoutineTiti Toys and Dolls
1 months ago
Barbie mommy wakes up her baby goldie for her first day of school. she makes yummy breakfast in the barbie kitchen for baby lol.
 DIY Miniature Barbie Dollhouse Nursery Room: Lamp, Baby bed etc.Fiby Fashion Craft
21 days ago
How to make adorable DIY miniature Barbie dollhouse nursery room: a twin nursery room for a boy and a girl, room lamp, round ...
7 months ago
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 Scientist Barbie Dolls Create A Blob & Ice Girls Monster High Doll in Lab - Toy VideoCookieSwirlC
1 years ago
These scientist Barbies are working hard in the lab to Create A Monster! Create Your own dolls with this Monster High Create A ...
5 days ago
How to make your own shoes for a #Barbie doll? If you want to learn, then watch the new #DIY video in the style of 5 minutes of ...